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Diving Into Ideologies and The World Of Signs in Volosinov

In this week’s post, we’ll be analyzing Volosinov and his ideas in “Marxism and the Philosophy of Language”.  This first part sets up the premise for the discussion.   878 more words

Talking Revolution

China's President Says Art Must Serve The People, Not The Market

Despite its huge TV and movie market, China’s cultural impact is still too weak, says a commentator

Art must serve socialism and the people, China’s President Xi Jinping told an audience that included entertainment industry figures this week, and art must not bear “the stench of money” nor be “slaves to the market.” 466 more words


Recovering Maxoholic? Join Maxoholic Anonymous

“My name is Henri and I am a member of Maxoholics Anonymous. I was once, like many who are still today, a follower of the House of Max. 29 more words

Short note on Civil society .

CIVIL SOCIETY  as a concept is very dynamic and definition of civil society has been constantly changing with changing times.
civil society at the times of ancient romans was considered as educated, politically active class as opposite to people who don’t take part in politics. 543 more words


Parishoner Not Pope: The Problem of nominating Clerics for the Peace Prize

The Nobel Peace Prize you may know it as that medal President Obama won or that paper mache project you did in second grade only to have an insolent little fourth grader sit on it in the cafeteria…but I digress. 514 more words


Last Rites of Anonymity

I find it to be only proper that my first post is an introduction of myself and my intentions to blog. I have always had an affinity for having my opinion heard. 461 more words



june 25

today i learned that russian composer tchaikovsky was very likely a homosexual hehehe.

why should that be so surprising. all artists and musicians and actors and writers and painters and ARTISTS are homosexual hehehe. 969 more words