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Paul Heaton- Politics

This is from an interview Paul gave with website The Point. It speaks mainly about his political views, which are Marxist, and are seen in songs he wrote whilst in The Housemartins. 51 more words

Creative Futures

I Hate God as if he actually existed

The Poets Reply To Just Criticism.


A word scribbled out in time

A diatribe against the daisies

I burn my fingertips in wine

I could go, but I’m lazy. 120 more words


Modern Life Is Rubbish

There is a line of graffiti, written in faded white paint on the wall of a red brick church, half way up Brixton Hill, South London. 146 more words


[252] A Libertarian and a Marxist response to the power of corporatism


by Boom Bust

Our lead story: On Tuesday, Greece’s stock market fell a massive 13% – the worst single day fall since 1987. And the yield on Greek sovereign bonds vaulted up 70 basis points or…

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

I'm one neo- marxist, working class, ethnically proud, assertive female with a hybrid identity.

I don’t ever ever ever ever ever want to analyse
my identity again

Thank Jeebus its gone, posted, never to be seen again.

Because if its taught me anything I am bloody boring. 6 more words