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The 10 Best Books by Academic Publishers in 2014

2014 was a great year for books all around, but academic publishing in particular branched out, with quality works in philosophy, poetry, fiction, and history. This was, of course, the year of Piketty’s broad, sweeping economic tome  678 more words


How to deal with cyber bullies and rape threat trolls? Expose them

Twitter rape threats and other abuse seem to be de rigueur at the moment; everyone from athlete Jessica Ennis to author Jessica Valenti seems to have been on the receiving end of malicious tweets from these cowardly keyboard warriors. 682 more words


BBC World War One paintings

Mary Beard has been curating on the site this week and it’s well worth looking at…this is Britannia saving the troops….
This is Kit Inspection by Stanley Spencer….


The Dreamers (Bertolucci, 2003): Rewatched

Once our professor told us that even though everyone has seen and enjoyed The Dreamers, it is probably the worst Bertolucci’s film. It is not difficult at all to see why so many young people love this film – it represents both the most secret dreams and biggest fears; and even though it might seem quite strange or even awkward, it is very easy to watch. 736 more words

Brain food - 10 morsels about Rome

Facts about Rome – where do you start?  Here are ten and not just to do with food.

I.        Rome at the height of its power was the first city in Europe to have to feed over a million citizens.   328 more words


One Way to Cut the Deficit: Take the Hamsters Out of Their Wheels - Open Letter to David Cameron

Dear Prime Minister

I’m writing to you because according to Mary Beard you don’t respond to tweets. Nor do I for that matter, but then I’m not as important as you, and even if I was, I wouldn’t be bothered with maintaining a “social media centre” to pump out an endless stream of blather that impresses nobody but my own acolytes. 1,153 more words


Feminism = Gender Equality; it's that simple

Feminism = Gender Equality. I didn’t know this is what feminism meant when I was younger; I thought it was about angry, loud women and I didn’t want anything to do with it. 541 more words

Life Lessons