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The Women's Fiction Prize -- and Baileys by Mary Beard.


This is an article written by Mary Beard’s for her ‘A Don’s Life column in the The Times Literary Supplement. Here is the link to the original… 710 more words

The Bailey's Women's Prize For Fiction (2014 - )

The Fires of Vesuvius ~ A Capsule Book Review

The Fires of Vesuvius ~ A Capsule Book Review by Allen Kopp 

During the early Christian era and for hundreds of years before, Pompeii was a thriving seaside town of 20,000 people or so, about 150 miles southeast of Rome. 612 more words

Review: BBC's Hidden Killers presented by Suzannah Lipscombe

Presented by the glamorous Dr. Suzannah Lipscombe, Hidden Killers is an ominously scored series about the hazards and dangers inherent in the Victorian and Edwardian homes. 690 more words

Television Programme

Hurrah for Mary Beard. Read a commentary cunningly placed on the commentary page. Powerful oration has nothing to do with gender. It has to do with truth, relevance, reason and passion.


Women speaking

When should women be allowed to speak? In what circumstances is it acceptable? It’s an issue with which men have wrestled for a long while…


Are You On Your Period?

This must be the most annoying phrase in the English language, closely followed by the allegedly more sensitive option of: ‘When are you due on?’ 402 more words

What I'm Thinking

Did women in Greece and Rome speak?

Mary Beard, Professor of Classics, Cambridge University
Did women in Greece and Rome speak? Stupid question; of course they did. They must have chattered and joked together, laughed at the silliness of their menfolk, advised (or chatted up) their husbands, given lessons to their children… and much, much more. 855 more words

Greece And Rome