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The whole universe is harnessed to men's attempts to force one another into good citizenship (Mary Douglas)

Pollution ideas work in the life of society at two levels, one largely instrumental, one expressive. At the first level, the more obvious one, we find people trying to influence one another’s behavior.

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Robin Fox: Biosocial Anthropology as Philosophical Anthropology (Slightly Updated)

UPDATE: It has occurred to me that my two part argument—leveling a criticism of the philosophers’ portrayal of biosocial anthropology as censure-worthy at the expense of an understanding of the complexity of its ideas and normalizing biosocial anthropology in post-war ideas by re-categorizing it as philosophical anthropology—that I focused less on ideas and their genealogies (especially the Gellner bits) than was satisfactory. 1,679 more words

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Reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things: Part III – The Table of Contents

I’m gonna go ahead and skip the TITLE PAGE and COPYRIGHT.  I’d planned to skip the Contents as well, but the title of chapter seven, “ASH AND EMBER,” jumps out immediately.   1,202 more words


Gorman's Methodological Framework

Frank Gorman first outlines the methodological framework he has chosen to study the priestly rituals in the Bible. Although he follows the school of thought that flows through Mary Douglas, he has updated the anthropological conversation as seen in the sources he cites. 351 more words

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Gorman, The Ideology of Ritual

Ironically, while Eilberg-Schwartz was castigating anthropologists for not writing about ancient Judaism (The Savage in Judaism), Frank Gorman was writing his dissertation in which he was doing just that. 199 more words

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Eilberg-Schwartz and Mary Douglas

Eilberg-Schwartz, writing as an anthropologist, interacts a great amount with Mary Douglas’s work, Purity and Danger. Although he agrees with her position theoretically, he finds points of disagreement in some of the particular conclusions that she draws. 116 more words

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The Savage in Judaism

Cultural anthropology as a field of inquiry was burgeoning throughout the twentieth century, especially in England. In 1966, it touched the field of biblical studies and consequently on the religion of ancient Israel. 142 more words

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