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Happy Birthday Lupe Vélez

Today is the 106th birthday of Lupe Vélez.  Her life story is the sort that is the reason why I love the format I have developed here on Waldina:  Stories and People Who Inspire. 507 more words

Down the Hatch: The United Artists Cocktails

by Vince Keenan

The 1919 founding of United Artists was greeted with disdain. “So the lunatics have taken charge of the asylum,” Metro Pictures president Richard Rowland remarked when a quartet of Hollywood luminaries went into business for themselves. 888 more words


Key Events in the News Last Winter

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On the first of December, Henry Ford introduced a fascinating innovation in one of his factories. The frame of each automobile to be constructed is placed on a very slowly moving conveyor belt. 736 more words

Happy 100th, Elizabeth Le Geyt, longtime Citizen bird columnist

On the day Elizabeth Le Geyt was born, Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in Sarajevo, triggering the First World War, and the world still had passenger pigeons. 399 more words

Local News

Olive Thomas: Such a Folly

Sometimes the is a perception that the old Hollywood was clean cut, whiter-than-white, well behaved. This is a falsehood. In the very early days of Hollywood (Pre-Hayes code) was debauched and decadent in a way that would make the current batch of stars blush. 446 more words


smile ch. 2 the son of the sheik

The son of the sheik

since that night we talked on the makeshift bar, filming had been placed on hold because lita gave birth to their first son charles spencer chaplin jr. 18,801 more words