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Berlin 2015: Octavia Spencer to Star in Biopic 'Seacole'

Oscar winner Octavia Spencer will head the cast of Seacole. The actress will be reunited with The Help producer Brunson Green. Spencer will play Mary Seacole,a Jamaican nurse of  Scottish and Creole descent who helped soldiers during the Crimean War (1853-1856) despite confronting prejudice. 105 more words

Mary Seacole

Mary Seacole, born in Kingston Jamaica in 1805, was the daughter of a free Jamaican woman and a Scottish solider. Mary’s mother was a ‘Doctoress’ who practiced herbal healing, and Mary inherited an interest in traditional medicine and nursing skills from her, whilst also learning more modern methods from Army Doctors who stayed with her family. 492 more words

Women's History

Twelve Days of Christmas London Style - Day 7


Long, long ago, in a country far, far away, I trained as a nurse at the Royal infirmary of Edinburgh. On our first day, we were told that our… 579 more words


New Talented Women in the National Gallery 'Walk'

With a high proportion of the portraits in he National Gallery being men, and most of the rest being women aristocrats who are there more because of the office they were born to, or who they were married to (or had affairs with), rather than anything they achieved, we thought our theme would be the remainder. 141 more words