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Finished my novel - What I have learnt- Part one

I have been writing my novel since 2011. Do you know I started writing it two weeks before I was due to get married? It was the gorgeous month of april (it actually was a sunny hot april-perhaps the weather gods forgot it was cold UK for a change). 371 more words

Up Late with Revival by Stephen King

I’ve been reading Stephen King books since I was about 12–my brother had a collection of his paperbacks that I would borrow and read and re-read. 422 more words

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Writing from dreams #2

I’ve been thinking about writers who have used their dreams to create pieces of fiction. This has been prompted in part, by the extremely vivid dream that I had last night. 365 more words


O luto de Frankenstein

“Ela morreu calmamente, e mesmo na morte seu semblante irradiava amor. Não preciso descrever os sentimentos daqueles cujos laços mais caros são rompidos pelo mais irreparável dos males, o vazio que isso representa para o espírito, o desespero das expressões. 202 more words


The Old Man Still Has His Writing Legs: A Review of Revival

Oh, Stephen King.  I have an on and off again relationship with him for the past 25 years (although more on in the past 10 years).  2,787 more words

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