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Why I can't read any new Stephen King

This isn’t an easy thing for me to write: I will never read a new Stephen King novel again.

I grew up on King. When I was a teenager I devoured his books: … 972 more words

Writing Nightmares and Lives

LISTEN to the podcast of the interview with Susan Cahill on Newstalk last Sunday. ‘Writing Nightmares and Lives’. She paired the interview with one with Lynne Truss on her new book Cat Out of Hell, under the heading Horror and the origins of science fiction. Nice!

Mary Shelley

Frankenstein and the Magic of Science PODCAST

Robyn Williams was generous enough to give me a broadcast slot on the ABC programme, Ochkam’s Razor. Went to air on Sunday 11th January “Frankenstein and the Magic of Science”.

Mary Shelley

Finally, Frankenstein

I purchased Frankenstein from the dying shelves of a B. Dalton in the “mall” in Bemidji, MN–five years ago. (RIP B. Dalton: you were my closest bookstore when I was growing up, and your death was tragic.) 376 more words

19th Century Literature

Oh Wild West Wind!

Oh Wild West Wind!

Of course I’ll keep an eye on the weather Mary.

I know I can’t swim.

No, god isn’t punishing us Mary. That’s irrational. 136 more words

Flash Fiction

Suzanne Burdon, 'Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and the birth of modern science'

A stimulating discussion of the attitude towards science in Mary Shelley’s Fankenstein:

Mary Shelley wrote ‘Frankenstein’ when she was just 18, and it is often read as a gothic horror story and prophetic warning about the dangers of taking science too far.

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The Horror Story Take on Huck Finn: A Review of The Talisman

It seems that one of the many arguments that Stephen King detractors will try to throw in my face is that he is not “literary” enough.   2,341 more words

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