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What Easter meant to Mary

“Love is not love if it nicely calculates the cost. It gives its all, and its only regret is that it has not still more to give.” 573 more words


From Up Here

When the view is not what is important.

It was a fine view from his raised position although his mind was not on it; His vision kept blurring, would clear for a short time then blur again. 1,003 more words


College Classes

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of attending my sister, Mary’s, college level Shakespeare class. Even though I’m a freshman, I was at UT to help her move and she suggested that I sit in on her class. 186 more words


Real Worship: A summons to the feet of Jesus

Real worship is about Jesus. It IS costly. And it DOESN’T make sense.

Scientists tell us of the powerful ability of the sense of smell to trigger memories—that the olfactory bulb in our brain links scent to event. 1,514 more words

Liturgical Church

Mary, Seated in Heavenly Places in Christ Jesus. The First Overcomer


After having listened to the teachings from the other parts of the Vine concerning Mary, I realized, that for fear of falling into the ditch on the “other side” of the road… that I hadn’t climbed out of the ditch on “my side” of the road, when it came to any type of respectful-honorable consideration of Mary, the Chosen Virgin — Mother of Jesus — chosen Mother of the One whose His Name IS….  1,686 more words

Surrendered Life

Jesus is his own Grandpa

Hymn 257 – Jesus is his own Grandpa

Many, many years ago lived Joseph & Mary
And they sought to marry in the town of Gallilee… 265 more words