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george marshall linked to marylin monroe and venona

Marilyn Monroe was poisoned by an overdose of barbiturate, maybe she mixed up a bottle of Veronal into a BIG vodka, then shot a toast to every slack-jawed gawker who had ever bought a ticket to her movies, then three big swallows. 187 more words

Scarlett Johanson as Marylin

One of the beautiful woman in  the world Scarlett Johanson for the last campaign of Dolce Gabbana make up  she will be the face as tribute to another beautiful woman  Marylin Monrooe. 156 more words


Marilyn Monroe - The Shero Behind the Starlet

*Trigger warning sexual assault*

Marilyn Monroe conjures up different images for different people. Little known is the ingenuity behind the glamorous star, who owned a library of over 400 books, an IQ higher than Einstein and a knack for determining revolutions. 547 more words

Women's History

Intelligence and Appeal

Some days back, I asked my Facebook friends this : “Question for my wise & learned FB friends:Is intelligence a desirable or required trait for hotness? 755 more words

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