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6.1 Emergence

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((Author’s note: there was an update on Wednesday. Make sure you didn’t miss any chapters if you jumped directly to the newest one, and maybe consider checking out Anathema’s brand new TVtropes site under Literature/Anathema.)) 4,445 more words

Anathema Serial

Club Penguin Merry Walrus Meetup Times

Megg has some meet up times planned! Here is what she says:

Hi Penguins! I am so stoked that Club Penguin now has an official Holiday. 166 more words

Club Penguin

Meet Merry Walrus! First Time!

Hey fellow penguin, Ryanec1 here with EXCITING NEWS! You can meet Merry Walrus for the first time on the server Fog at 12:30 PST! TODAY TODAY TODAY! 83 more words

The hhhehehe smile

Most kids wants to be superman, firefighter or maybe a football player. But not this brave young man.
He just wants to be the hhhehehe. 18 more words


Goose Down Winter Spokesmodel

I guess if the Serta® Sheep work hard as mattress mascots, Geese had better buckle down to promote the natural warmth of Goose Down products… 331 more words

Shelf Edge Fixtures

Kool-Aid® Pitches Bottled Water

Smart cross marketing positioning the Kool-Aid® Pitcher Man at the entrance to the bottles water aisle. Possibly a Kool-Aid strategy to combat the newer wave of Water Flavorings and mix-yourself Energy Addatives. 276 more words

Store Fixtures

M&M’s Mascot Sells In-Store

Why not carry over the catchy and adorable branding of M&M’s television and YouTube branding into a physical reality in-store. Note the use of one of the lovable Yellow-shell Peanut-filled character, not the snarky Red-shelled one, or sly Brown-shelled “Ms. 386 more words

Store Fixtures