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Marvels of Modern Technology

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.-Arthur C. Clarke

The rapid advancement of technology has allowed virtually anyone to create stunning multimedia projects. What any weekend hobbyist can accomplish with a simple camera, home computer, and an app is amazing. 231 more words


Puffle Party 2014 - PH Meet-Up Times

Here are some Meetup times for PH!

PH has arrived to help out at the Puffle Party!

Here are some meet-up times to hang out with our favorite Puffle Handler: 124 more words

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PH Meeting Times

Here are some meeting time for PH:

Friday, April 18

 * 12:30pm on the server White Out

 * 4:00pm on the server Sherbet

Saturday, April 19… 73 more words

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Sporting Geography: Soccer's arrival in Atlanta stirs old conflicts

Major League Soccer is expanding, and, thanks in no small part to the city’s planned new stadium, Atlanta will be the home of a new MLS franchise circa 2017. 316 more words


The Secret Service Once Threatened to Kill Mr. Met if He Approached Bill Clinton

Mr. Met once had his life threatened by the Secret Service. Kind of. A.J. Mass, a writer for ESPN who played the part of Mr. 151 more words


A Mass of Cots-tumed Characters

I’m going to assume that, at this point in time, you have already thoroughly scoured my post on 2014 road trip itineraries. (If you haven’t, then please click… 919 more words


Puffle Party 2014 Cheats!

The Puffle Party has started! When you log in, PH will welcome you and tell you about the new puffles and the little prize tracker box on the corner of your screen. 118 more words

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