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Travel Tip of the Week - July 18, 2014

Photos taken by Javier L-Rosende http://www.JavierLRosende.smugmug.com 786-566-7068

Friday (el viernes) – Su ciudad es muy linda.

Everybody likes to hear that the city in which they’ve chosen to live is a beautiful one.  69 more words

Spanish Language

Grammar Tip of the Week - July 16, 2014

Photos taken by Javier L-Rosende http://www.JavierLRosende.smugmug.com 786-566-7068

Wednesday (el miércoles) - Su esposa vs. Su esposa vs. Su esposa

So what’s the difference? – ¿Cuál es la diferencia?  141 more words

Learning Spanish

Coming in for a Landing

Just as the best ideas mean little if they’re never written down or acted upon, so it is with a spiritual journey. What is opened up on the inner, or higher, realms must be brought into our life, through our thoughts, intentions, and actions. 918 more words

Inner / Outer

Dancing The Feminine To Joy And Bliss!

Today has been a whirl wind of customers for massage and for readings, a lovely busyness that has led to me having little time to write my post. 295 more words

A Greater Appreciation

Taking everything for granted is a peculiarly human disease. Jeane’s dream images show her developing an insight into this issue, where an awakened consciousness is really the opposite of familiarity. 1,547 more words

Inner / Outer

The Intricacies and Extravagances of Living with the Wild Man

“Some say, ‘Well, let’s just be human, and not talk about masculine and feminine at all.’ People who say that imagine they are occupying the moral high ground. 826 more words

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Running Into God

The dream analysis continues for Jeane’s dream (see The Haunting), wherein the imagery triggers a deeper perception about the nature of God and human, and the feminine and the masculine natures within us. 1,639 more words

Dream Symbolism