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Cardinal Wisdom

On this clear, cool, beautiful fall morning, listening to and watching the birds forage for a morning snack. A pair of cardinals honor me with their presence. 226 more words

Higher Consciousness

Operation: Silhouettes & Blackmail

In portrait photography, posing is extremely important. Seriously. Say you’re a photographer and know all the technical stuff about photography and you take quite beautiful pictures but know not how to pose humans…that’s not good.   102 more words

Getting Away from "Traditional" Gender Traits

I distinctly remember the day when, while taking a university class on the history of psychology, a brief portion of the three hour lecture touched upon the… 834 more words


Lifting the Burden

Often times the drama we see in our dreams is a way for our unconscious to call attention to things that we are being blind to. 1,415 more words

Audio Posts

Filing a Report

In this dream, Jeane makes a stand against an injustice she feels strongly about and ends up in a chase dream trying to flee her pursuer. 1,093 more words

Inner / Outer

Which is Better? The Masculine or The Feminine?

Saint John Paul II states in Mulieris Dignitatem “Each woman inherits her femininity as an expression of the image and likeness of God that is hers.”  We could say likewise about each man’s masculinity.  1,762 more words

Catholic Culture

The Design is in the Flow

In these images, John is shown the same perception Jeane had in her dreams from the same night (see A Cohesion of Energy), but from the perspective of the masculine nature trying to be attuned to the feminine nature. 665 more words

Awakening To A Spiritual Life