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Why Young, Black Men Can’t Work

The great folks at Colorlines are currently running an extensive, brilliant and insightful series on Black Men: Life Cycles of Inequity. While Monday’s re-post discussed the challenges faced by African American students in schools, today’s article focuses on the labor market. 338 more words


“don’t invent me” or “my dick is terrifying!”: Constructing the Male homunculus

  reflections, lessons, thoughts, frustrations, and ramblings as after-effects of the Steubenville Rape swirl

we’ve all heard about it. the “Steubenville Rape Scandal“, as it has been called (among other things), was/is everywhere. 1,187 more words


Today, let's talk about Toni Morisson and Dudes: "Men Are Always Only Men: Men & Masculinity in the Work of Toni Morrison"

The characters in the work of Toni Morrison are, without question, rich and complex in their histories and immensities. However, 3,425 more words


Disabling women or grasping at straw men?

The cheap shots just keep coming and a popular target these days is Hillary Clinton. All the talk of a possible 2016 presidential campaign is sending her opponents into a frenzy. 942 more words


Week in Review, July 13-19

This week, around the web…

A new study from Oregon State University found that teen girls and young women negatively evaluate other girls and women who post sexy social media pictures. 635 more words


The Father-Son Archetype in Therapy By Garry Gilfoy

Original post from Huffington Post

By Garry Gilfoy

I was recently asked to deliver professional learning to some counselors and psychotherapists on the topic of “men’s issues.” I left my son’s football game to do so and found a gathering of about 60 people. 868 more words


Doing Selfies!

Everyone seems to be taking selfies these days – politicians, celebrities, sporting icons, ordinary Joe Soaps and even academics! However, selfies are not new phenomena. 926 more words