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I was pleasantly surprised to receive my pre-ordered iPhone 6 on the day of its release; I had been told to expect a wait of between two and three weeks. 995 more words


Why we need safe houses for Aboriginal men. They are victims too.

Pain of Aboriginal men abused by their women By Corey Sinclair

Tony Linn co-ordinator of Ingkintja Men’s Health.

DOMESTIC violence against men is just as common as it is for women in some Aboriginal communities. 661 more words

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Hell Hounds

I reference to my life a lot without a cast of character in my life. I need to fix that
Girl is a Presa Canario. She came to me after the cops shot her twice when they were raiding her 1st owner’s crack house. 1,734 more words

Best Films Ever #10 I'll Sleep When I'm Dead (2003)

Davey Graham is dead. He was a young man of no great importance, a charmer of women & a small time drug dealer. But he has a brother, Will, a notorious gangster who hasn’t been seen for 3 years. 450 more words


Virile Armitage, or: richard armitage + samantha colley + anna madeley in The Crucible, part 1

How could I write about any of Richard Armitage’s roles and not eventually talk about the chemistry aspect? I’m surprised it took me this long. In this post, when I say chemistry, I’m referring generally to the energy of attraction or rapport generated between two actors as a part of creating their characters, and at times specifically to sexual chemistry, or the appearance of sexual attraction and energy between them. 2,001 more words

Richard Armitage

Why I am a [Christian] [Feminist]

A response to Sarah Bessey’s Jesus Feminist, particularly the third question from chapter three in the discussion portion on the book (page 208): “Think about how gender differences were framed for you as a child or a new believer.   1,610 more words


One Oh One

Every morning he set his alarm clock to wake him up while it was still dark. His colleagues clucked and cooed and said going to the gym before work was really shrewd and it wasn’t something that they could do. 179 more words