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Rules Imposed By Society For Men

Maybe some of you have seen that video on You Tube wherein a woman is slapping a man around and the finally knocks her on her ass with a single hit. 305 more words

Men's Rights

Arya Stark and the Myth of Girlhood 

by Katiebird Yates

As a girl growing up in middle America, there were few strong female role models.

This isn’t anything new.

Society queened Disney princesses and Britney Spears to lead the identified girl youth of the 90’s. 1,135 more words


Twelve Hair Cowlick

My brother Toby is six years younger than me. As a three-year old lad, he was universally adored by teenage girls at church, wooed and cooed over because his dark eyelashes fluttered like lazy cabana fans and his black hair was licked by cream-fed cows at the center of his hairline in a cool-to-be-square duck-tail. 812 more words


Men, Women and Tattoos

In this blog I would like to talk about the difference between tattoos on men and women. There are many universal reasons for taking a tattoo which apply to both men and women. 295 more words

Making men

There are four things that turn boys into men, challenges, risks, hardships and if the boy is lucky masculine mentorship. . While the 1st three are similar on the surface they fundamentally different and developed different aspects of the masculine frame… 1,222 more words


Masculine and Feminine

Hey everyone,

I was thinking earlier about astrology and about my astrological sign. Everyone, no matter what gender you are, has a little of feminine and masculine in them. 104 more words

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