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i wore the shirt today

I wore the shirt today,

That I last saw, folded in your hands

, as you walked into the bathroom.

I watched how your ass moved.  63 more words


An R-Rated Subject

Today’s relatively short and hastily written post is going to address a subject that may not be for everyone. I’m sure that more than a few of my readers will not care for it at all. 583 more words

Red Pill

Media's Creation of Feminism

Media content has shaped society’s perspective on what it means to be a man or women. The images imposed by the media has changed society’s cultural norms to conform to specific gender roles. 232 more words

"But You're So Pretty"

One of the most disparaging comments I would receive when I started to come out to my friends and acquaintances was “but you’re so pretty.”  Sometimes followed by “that’s such a shame.” 679 more words

Gender Stereotypes

Women Who Lift

Women who workout get a lot of flak, no matter what kind of exercise they do. Girls who run are “cardio bunnies.” Girls who do yoga are probably hippies, or maybe not reallllly into workouts. 630 more words


I wanted to get to know the workers on board the Morgan because, as a biographer, I need to gain some sense of Melville’s work environment. 2,154 more words

Men Want The Church Back: David Murrow and "Why Men Hate Going To Church"

“Many have called men back to the church.  Now it’s time to call the church back to men.”  This phrase from the Introduction sums up the new edition of David Murrow’s book… 1,458 more words