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What does it mean to be masculine in the Age of Masculinity? What does it mean to be “masculine” in the first place? These are things that my father failed to teach me. 966 more words


5 Honest Things Men Are Actually Too Scared To Say

Recently, Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls took a lot of heat when he talked about worries toward his future as a man, rather than directing his team toward the championship. 478 more words

The Shadow Knight in his own words

I think this is an important read. TSK is in many ways typical of the good and earnest young men trying to make sense of the ball o shit they have been handed. 622 more words


Amazons and Ancient Greeks: Gender Equality

Ahhh, the ancient Greeks. Perhaps the original misogynists, the Greeks had a very decided stance on women and what they should do, what their roles were in society, how they should be treated, and the “true nature” of femininity (hint: Horrible). 771 more words

Good Night, Mr. Knightley

Toward the end of that summer Ross asked me to marry him. We had spent the spring and summer together more or less brilliantly, and he had simply turned to me one day in the car on the way home and asked matter-of-factly, “If I asked you to marry me, you’d say yes, wouldn’t you?” His sister was thrilled and started making plans, much to Ross’ amusement and my consternation. 1,449 more words


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Welcome to my blog, I hope you find this first post beneficial.

We often hear that the key to success or fulfillment is finding one’s purpose. 1,239 more words