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How is the new book different?

Well, it’s still first person but with a male protagonist this time. 

A lot of what gets classed as male sexuality is pornography by default. 188 more words


Become the CEO of Your Own Life

It always amazes the eye when I see how easily people are willing to give up control of their mind, body and even finances to another party. 1,392 more words


Lady like !!!!

Today a good friend of mine who is into photography ( see her work here)  asked me “when a woman does a job that requires masculine/ athletic skills, or keeps her outdoors most of the time, how does she retain her femininity in our outlook and demeanor and still be taken seriously? 304 more words

on Putin

Okay, I have been resisting to act on the impulse (for the last six months) and channel my readings on affective potential of masculinity in the current representational politics in a world of dissentive peoples. 465 more words


The one where I had a conversation with a security guard

Okay, that sounds more dramatic than it actually is.

We were having a chat about Jurassic Park first (I am an avid dinosaur fan!) and I told him as a kid I wanted to be a paleontologist or an archaeologist, then we got on to Indiana Jones as he said he wanted to be him as a kid, when he said something seemingly innocent: 149 more words


The Wrong Question?

Every once in a while I’ll step back and let someone else speak to the MALE FAIL? topic because sometimes it just can’t be said any better. 18 more words

Male Fail?

The Myth of Masculinity

I went for dinner once with some friends of mine. After rigorously analysing and re-analysing the menu I eventually reached a definitive yet delicately poised consensus in my mind over what I wished to order. 1,245 more words