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The Philosophy of "let the little woman do it"

Let’s zero in on that last paragraph. When I dipped my toes into the manosphere five years ago it was a largely a group of  men looking to reassert their authority, take back what belongs to them, and not let the “little woman” get her way. 317 more words


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Hanne Blank's Take on National Transgender Day of Remembrance

Today (November 20) is Transgender Day of Remembrance. Please take a moment to honor those whose lives, health, and safety have been taken from them because of their gender expression.  519 more words

Gender And Sexuality

Lumberjack on Paper Towel Package Constant Reminder of Man’s Waning Masculinity

COLUMBUS, Ohio—According to local man Ben Perkins, there is no more constant reminder of his lackluster masculinity than the confident, flannel-clad mascot for Brawny paper towels. 94 more words


Rape Culture and Misogyny Pt 2: Men, Let's Talk For a Second

In part one of this mini series on social issues, I discussed a little bit about winning allies, and how not to alienate the people in whom you are trying to inspire action by being a condescending jerk.   1,916 more words

The Chosen One

She sat in silence for a minute and then continued to recollect her horror story.

Merely 15 years old, her life was scarred, with acid. 243 more words


A Man In Solitude

There’s some part of me

Formed in solitude,

Borne away from the eyes of woman

Where I  dig my hands in the earth

Feel soil spill between my fingers… 70 more words