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The Myth of the "Real Man"

Our culture is replete with slogans that suggest things like “real men do this” or “real men do that.” The perception of masculinity seems to be that a “real” man must have bulging biceps, a thick beard, an inherent interest in sports, and be prone to violence. 1,206 more words


Bryan Fischer is Writing a Book to Help Boys Become Men

Bryan Fischer, the American Family Association’s unbelievably hateful Director of Issues Analysis, has taken a pause from bashing gays, atheists, and racial minorities to begin writing  452 more words

Christian Right

Tales of White Male Oppression

Researching the history of America’s men’s movement(s) requires having to read related masculinist manifestos in at least a cursory fashion. While the uber icky and celebratory misogyny of today’s MRAs wasn’t really that fashionable in the late 1970s and early 1980s when the early men’s movement(s) originated, these earnest and often pitiful ruminations on how difficult it is for men to be trapped by (and/or) entrusted with the perpetuation of the patriarchy are making me rue the decision to take this particular research trajectory. 230 more words


masculinity in america: the mask you live in

hi friends! so, i think i posted about this up and coming documentary, “the mask you live in” months ago on facebook. at the very least i posted the trailer. 275 more words


What’s Keeping You Accountable?

“The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards
they set for themselves.”
– Ray Kroc

Consider your goals and ambitions as a man. 43 more words

Zen And Debauchery

Men Have Been Avoiding College

As I have mentioned previously in this Weblog, entitled “Women In Colleges“, in the early 1980’s there was a parity between men and women in colleges. 817 more words

Men's Rights

The Pop Culture Lens: Episode 4 - Bewitched (1964-1972)

The Pop Culture Lens is a scholarly podcast hosted by myself and Dr. CarrieLynn Reinhard of Dominican University. In each episode, we seek to offer fresh perspectives on past media as we attempt to determine whether or not it holds any relevance to the contemporary sociocultural experience. 260 more words

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