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Men Built It, Women Hate It

or Men Work, Women Whine

To be a man is to be a problem solver. Men are hard-wired to sense danger from a distance and quickly dispatch of the problem for the good of the family, tribe, or group. 457 more words


I've got the power!

A friend suggested I watch a  TED talk by Amy Cuddy about how our body language can change our lives. We have always known that others notice and act on our body language but Cuddy’s research is based on how changing our body positions, even for just 2 minutes, can change our body chemistry and how we feel about ourselves – and hence how other people react to us. 473 more words


Boy's body image dissatisfaction

I finally got to posting about boys and their experience of dissatisfaction with their bodies.

Earlier I posted Is that normal: My daughter wants to wear a sexy Halloween costume… 764 more words


Before & After

I know it may seem that I no longer post writing to this blog, but fret not! I have not forgotten about that most important element of my being. 67 more words

Men weren’t really the enemy — they were fellow victims suffering from an outmoded masculine mystique that made them feel unnecessarily inadequate when there were no bears to kill.
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On Being a Man

by Konrad Wainright

It feels weird to be writing about not fitting in with the binary when I have fought so long and so hard for my right to identify as male. 688 more words


Anonymous: The Silhouette of My Old Man

It’s baffling. The more stories that are submitted the more I realise that hypermasculinity and emotional suppression among males is truly a widespread and unanswered problem. 769 more words