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Chambers Dictionary Adds 1,000 New Words, Including 'Totes Amazeballs'

The latest edition of the Chambers Dictionary was updated with some 1,000 new word definitions, The Independent reports, and some of them will definitely raise eyebrows in the linguist circles… 91 more words

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'Did They Look Each Other in the Eyes One Final Time in a Wordless Goodbye?'

“I’ve been thinking how horrible it must have been — the final moments of their lives when they knew the plane was going down…”

With tears in his eyes, Karel J. 120 more words

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Scientists Model the Universe to Find Proof of the Multiverse

Physicists aren’t afraid of thinking big, but what happens when you think too big?

This philosophical question overlaps with real physics when hypothesizing what lies beyond the boundary of our observable universe. 84 more words

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6 Ways Your Smartphone Can Replace Your Entertainment Center

They can text, tweet and take pictures — but can smartphones replace an entertainment center?

Sure, you can download Netflix or the HBO Go app, but it’s not always ideal to watch… 88 more words

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Chinese Researchers Create Disease-Resistant Wheat by Deleting Genes

Advanced genome-editing techniques have been used to create a strain of wheat resistant to a destructive fungal pathogen — called powdery mildew — that is a major bane to the world’s top food source, according to scientists at one of China’s leading centers for agricultural research. 85 more words

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15 Homemade Fast Food Recipes for When Pants Are Just Too Hard

If you crave the comfort of a fast food meal, but are embarrassed at the thought of a drive-thru — or worse, don’t have a car — consider your first world problems over. 101 more words

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Become a Better Boss: 5 Habits Managers Should Avoid

As a manager, you’ve found the perfect balance of coaching your employees just enough (without hovering), delegating efficiently (without micromanaging), and making yourself available for questions (while still encouraging your team to think for themselves). 120 more words

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