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March Madness: A Month in Review

Well, what do you know—over three weeks have passed since my last blog entry, and my original goal to have a new post every week has been thoroughly discredited.  2,074 more words

Russia: A Travel Guide for the Culturally Illiterate part 1

by Roxane Hudon

As a child, I dreamt of Russia, of Tsar Nicholas II writing love letters to his Empress wife, of Rasputin’s mysticism and Anastasia’s possible survival, of ridiculous palaces and long carriage rides across an impossibly vast and icy land. 1,356 more words


La vie en russie: départ et maslenitsa

Fête russe: la maslenitsa

Ce sont les images de ma première maslenista, fête des crêpes  en Russie, au croisement des traditions païennes et chrétiennes. À l’honneur, les indispensables crêpes russes (blinis) rondes et dorées, faites de beurre, oeufs et laits sont vendues un peu partout … mais ce ne sont pas les seules bonnes choses préparées à cette occasion ! 600 more words


The Relaxation of the Sexes, and a little Moscow mischief

Привет всем!

February proved to be a short, but very busy month in Kitezh, and somehow we are already well into March! The last few weeks have included 3 different celebrations in Russia, so this post is all about play, with no work for a change! 991 more words


I was feeling a bit gutted about missing out on Pancake Day this year. It’s one of my favourite traditions: who doesn’t love pouring that gooey, gloopy mixture into the pan and flipping it over (or, more often than not, curdling it into a skewed, sorry ball of dough with stretch marks) and gently transferring it to the plate where it’s promptly slathered in sugar, lemon juice, butter, jam, honey, Nutella, any other high-powered sugar or fat product you wish to smear over your pancake? 394 more words


More of Maslenitsa

Pancake Tuesday in a Village, Maslenitsa - Boris Kustodiev

Pancake Tuesday – Pavel Filonov

Pancake-Riding – Konstantin Yuon



Привет друзья!

So this week has been Maslenitsa here in Russia: essentially a week long pancake day! Which is awesome, when you’re in the country where the most popular fast food joint is Teremok, a pancake place. 2,241 more words

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