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# 2. It is what it is - writer's block

I have to read Virginia Woolf for my Major Figures class but instead I write. I'm very pissed at Virginia Woolf because she writes perfectly. Every time I read her I get sick, I will never write as good as her. 783 more words

Sardonic Alliance (Speak No Evil)

Sadomasochism: opposites attract, or do they? 

If Marquis de Sade
and Leopold von Sacher-Masoch
managed to have a baby together
despite their differences,
such as their diametrically… 117 more words


At last too bed


This was not a normal day, but definitely a memorable day. To see the beginning of this day, please click here.

So where was I…? 681 more words


Cut me
With the pieces of your broken promise
Let go of my hand
While we’re waltzing on our peak
Shoot me
With compensations
Heal me for awhile… 32 more words


Confessions of a Mild Masochist

I had never really thought about why I consider myself a masochist. This is weird for me, with the amount of therapy I’ve had in my 31 years you would think I would have examined every facet of my life. 1,532 more words

Sex And Relationships

His Toys


This is not a normal day, our life doesn’t allow for such entertainment during the day, but I relish every moment of it. To see the beginning of this day, please click… 1,580 more words

Prototype: The Red Panel

The Red Panel

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