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You're gonna come down in sheets 
And I'm gonna take it
Because I need it
It's a reluctant pummeling
It's a rejoice with a relapse
Sick gray daze
hazes of rain
beating me, bathing me
scathing frigidity
drifting over me

I measure in inches
what you've given
gathered sand 
to keep you at bay
and pray for more
I've raided stores
And boarded up
for your arrival

Come to me
Flood my streets
I'm gonna curse
And vow 
to sleep through it all
but I'll admit,
I am enthralled
watching and waiting
for the onslaught
peeking through curtains
watching puddles turn 
to lakes turn to seas of 
all that we need
and I will squeal
"Please let up."

And it will pound on
until it's done. 14 more words

What do Grizzly Man and the Super Masochist have in common?

The documentaries Sick, which explores masochist Bob Flanagan’s art, S&M relationship, and life with cystic fibrosis, and Grizzly Man, which focuses on naturalist Timothy Treadwell who spent thirteen summers living among grizzly bears, are highly similar insofar as they both provide biographical explorations of two men’s extreme lifestyles. 1,970 more words

Bob Flanagan

"with each blow my pleasure will grow"

Dear film-loving perverts, this post is a review of the 1994 Dutch film Venus in Furs by Victor Nieuwenhuijs and Maartje Seyferth. The film is based on… 3,198 more words

Killer Vagina

Hendrika C. Freud on Marcel Proust, Masochism, and Matricide

Marcel Proust – the making of a sadomasochist

The subject of the mother-son relationship had never been broached with such psychological insight as in Marcel Proust’s  503 more words


The intense desire for punishment

I know this feeling all too well. The dynamic for me goes something like this. My husband will say something relatively benign. I will get triggered and just absolutely belittle him, yell at him, accuse him of things that aren’t even real (it’s my feelings of insecurity), and he stands there in shock at my reaction. 273 more words

Borderline Personality Disorder

30 Days of Kink Challenge - Day 01

I have challenged Lady Crucifixo to the 30 Days of Kink Challenge and will be doing it along with her. I expect this to take me longer than 30 days, because that’s just the way I am when it comes to my writing. 653 more words



They speak of oceans

being deep

They seem shallow

as a schoolgirl

next to the marks you left

in my pale flesh

They speak of rivers… 14 more words