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Raymond Dunne Selected for Mason of the Year from Escalon 591

I am happy to say that Raymond Dunne has been select for Mason of The Year from Escalon #591. If a Mason is partially judged by how much he helps his brothers, Mr. 138 more words

Special Events

A love letter to Peach

Dear Peach,

I’ve often wondered where you get your magnificent flavor from. I’m actually sad right now because I was duped as a child thinking those slimy canned peaches were what a peach actually tastes like. 372 more words

Hear! Hear!

Firing glasses (so called because of the musket-shot report the glasses produced when slammed on table tops in enthusiastic agreement with orators and speakers) first appeared in the late seventeenth-century. 385 more words

Deception Glass

Tate's Lane Cemetery and Ghost Railroad

So, technically the cemetery is called the Mt. Juliet Memorial Gardens, but I don’t know anyone who refers to it by anything other than Tate’s Lane Cemetery.   283 more words


Voodoo Village

Would you believe that there’s a place outside of Memphis where shrunken heads sit atop a spiked fence, a haunted school bus comes ‘alive’ to trap all who enter, and where screams of children echo through the woods? 186 more words


The Rocky Road to a Successful Called Meeting

Our lodge has been growing, as I’ve mentioned in other posts. Today, we initiated our 7th new Mason in the last 9 months. A veteran Past Master had taken charge and organized a team to put the degree on – if you aren’t a Mason, think of it like a play with 9 speaking parts. 669 more words


How Freemasonary was Born!

‘The Freemason’ is the largest gentlemen’s fraternity in the world, even most of the people haven’t heard of it. Freemasons hold prominent powerful position in the world. 345 more words