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HAPPY HALLOWEEN, LOVELIES! I hope your Friday is off to a spook-tacular start! Last week I showed you how to do simple Kitty Cat Halloween Makeup… 100 more words


Short Story: Solstice Night

This story takes place in one of the rooms of Eclectic Alli’s Masquerade Ball. It’s based on an idea I had for a holiday in one of my fantasy universes. 1,885 more words


Des masques en papier qui feront leur effet #HappyHalloween

Pas de déguisement et peu de moyens ? Steve Wintercroft, designer anglais, à la solution.
Découvrez des masques originaux en papier, faits exclusivement de formes géométriques :



Masquerade II

I hated the cold more than the witch we was chasing. Dark, nasty forest filled with ethereal beings were not my cuppa. Nor was Brogan, but he’d sooner slit me throat than let me go. 1,222 more words

Weekly Trail

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Taliana was sure she was getting closer to the cloaked man, but it made no sense. He seemed to be moving further and further from the party...was he causing the threads she saw weaving around, drawing together darkness and danger. She would not let her first solo party end in disaster. If this man was contributing to that in some way she would put a stop to it.

The Ball Continues: Disappearances

If you’re just now tuning in, you’ve got a little catching up to do! For a proper introduction to EclecticMasque, check out Ali’s home post… 2,188 more words

The Writings

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As Taliana leaves James behind to continue her chase of the cloaked man....

Getting some help for the Masque

See,”  Taliana remembered the first time she’d seen the threads, how overwhelming it was, and yet, so amazing.”complicated.”

She looked back to the ceiling, the green was stretching, where was he going? 552 more words

The Season

Short Story: The Masquerade Ball Presence

Welcome to Part 3 of my contribution to Eclecticali’s Masquerade blog party. This might be it. But I’m not sure.

If you missed Parts 1… 448 more words


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