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Dude's Chronicles 1-25-2015: Lack of Sleep

Maybe its the weather or maybe it’s just in my head, I had been sleeping fairly well up until last night but the restlessness kept me up most of the night. 516 more words

The Mass Effect Trilogy: Sci-Fi Storytelling at its Best

The Mass Effect games are a series of third-person shooter action role playing games developed by BioWare.  You assume the role of Commander Shepard, whose mission is to protect the galaxy from the Reapers and their multiple operatives who are trying to destroy civilization as it is known in the universe.   1,009 more words

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Dude's Chronicles 1-18-2015: Time Sinks

Well…football is over. The college national championship is done, congratulations Ohio State. I never would have picked that team to be in the playoff but they proved they deserved it and showed that at least one Big 10 team is for real. 602 more words

My wife got a WiiU...

Ok, so, my wife has had a WiiU for over a year, now. I’ve spent some time with it and… I LOVE IT! You have a choice whether or not to use motion controls. 165 more words

Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Xbox 360 Switching Discs is annoying

Xbox 360 Version Game love using mix between 1 and 2. Like there is no tomorrow. Annoying switching to disc 1, and few minutes later switch over to 2. 64 more words

Mass Effect 3

Dude's Chronicles 1-11-2015: Miranda Is Still Hot

Ok, I know she’s not real but… come on!!!

Want to watch a bad movie? Then watch Snowpiercer. They managed to get a few big names like Chris Evans, Ed Harris, and John Hurt to do what is essentially a ‘B’ movie. 712 more words

Mass Effect 3 Is Glorious

(and 2! And presumably 1, which I haven’t played)

Another awful non-post today because I’m still seeing how much easier video games are after an extended period of writing, so here’s a single thought for you: Mass Effect 3 is glorious. 323 more words

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