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BioWare's Survey on the Next Mass Effect and What I Want From the Game

Paul discusses what he wants from BioWare in the next Mass Effect.


My top 5 characters to use in Mass Effect Multiplayer

          If I had to rank my favorite characters in multiplayer they go as follows:

5. N7 Slayer. This sword wielding Vanguard is ranked 5th on my list because he’s one of the most fun characters to play with. 904 more words


Video Game Tuesday: Mass Effect 3 [Spoilers for Mass Effect 1 and 2 and respective DLC]

This week I’m covering the end to Shepard’s arc in the Mass Effect series. Spoilers after the jump.


Should Players Have a Direct Impact on Game Development?

A few weeks ago I bought my way into the closed beta of EverQuest Next: Landmark and I began to notice something quite interesting. That interesting thing being that the players have a direct impact in how both, … 836 more words


Brain Sprinkles 4

So there’s a lot of anime this week. Sorry about that. Otherwise, enjoy!

Creativity is one of the most important things a human being can express. 1,321 more words

Brain Sprinkles

My love letter to Mass Effect Multiplayer

            Where do I begin with Mass Effect Multiplayer? Let’s start with the background info.  The game was developed by Bioware, the same esteemed team behind Star Wars Knight of the Old Republic (a game I actually didn’t like oddly enough) and published by Microsoft Game Studios and EA. 2,884 more words


Mass Effect 3

Well, it’s time. The bittersweet moment where I come to this blog to post some of my thoughts about a game I’ve recently completed. Except this isn’t just any game. 2,073 more words

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