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The Shifty Cow

Just a bit of a beef really. Maybe a big beef. Or perhaps it doesn’t involve Shifty Cows at all?
Have seen (and been unimpressed), by an info-graphic regarding player choices for Mass Effect 3. 857 more words


M is for Mordin

There were a lot of choices for characters for M. At one point I thought about doing Morrigan from Dragon Age, but felt that I needed to give her a bit more time than I feel I have right now. 696 more words

Character Studies

End of the "Map Pack" Era

The evolution of the Map Pack and the future of Downloadable Content.


We who are about to die salute you

I just suffered my first real ‘bad end’ in X-COM: Enemy Unknown/Within. Brainwashed comm operators sabotaged my base and, having just come off a string of terror missions leaving most of my top-ranked soldiers KIA and my high-end MECs in for repairs, I didn’t stand much of a chance against the ensuing alien horde. 754 more words


Divergence, Now Live

“Salvation comes with a cost. Judge us not by our means, but what we seek to accomplish.”
- The Illusive Man, Mass Effect 2

The first chapter of my latest fanfiction for the Mass Effect universe, … 66 more words


The Toy Box: Commander Shepard

Guess what…too late, it’s Friday, and you know what that means? It means it’s not Thursday duh, really you should have known that, it was kind of obvious. 289 more words

Mass Effect 3

CTRL ALT DEL: Mass Effect 3 endings

Disclaimer: These are my thoughts and opinions from my experiences only – I’m not saying they’re right or that you should agree with me, I’m just sharing my reactions.  1,894 more words

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