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This Week... sawdust and chain oil

Video of the Week: Princess Mononoke

An animated film from Studio Ghibli, set in a fantastical medieval Japan where gods and demons still roam the land and fight humans over control of the land. 309 more words

This Week...

Causal Liara T’Soni, Mass Effect

Just a quick update today, a character I’ve been meantime to blog about for a few weeks now, a casual Liara T’Soni from the video game Mass Effect.


Mass Effect 2

Continuing my review of the Mass Effect trilogy I will now cover Mass Effect 2.

As before I will be revealing spoilers for this and the previous game.   1,097 more words


Grey Morality in Games

Lately in video games, moral choices give to the player took a more frontal role, and something players seem to enjoy a lot.

There are games cantered around choice that use this concept well, and then there are others where its rather dull or black and white, and a few where it downright became a detriment to the experience. 1,185 more words

BioWare East 2014

As most of you know, PAX East was this past weekend. What a lot of you may not know, is what exactly PAX East is. It is a gaming convention, where a lot of companies come to show off their games, merchandise from said games, or even accessories to gaming as a whole. 1,054 more words


Guest Post: Furious George ~ Long live the gamer

What does gaming have to do with a blog about readerly and writerly things I hear you ask? Well, take a stroll through the thoughts of Furious George and tell me if you can’t find the similarities. 1,827 more words