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Conception and Production

I started working on the original version of The Terror Aboard The Speedwell started over a year ago. I had finished writing a novel in grad school and was sending it around to agents and publishers. 1,420 more words

Leveling a Trooper

I finally started leveling another character! This is something I rarely do, but the 12x Class Story experience bonus is motivating me to play through more class stories. 407 more words


The Nostalgia of Old Places

A couple of weeks ago I found myself on a camp somewhere in Afghanistan for a few days. This was the camp where my deployment began. 268 more words


The Mass Effect ... Blog Faves

Welcome fellow bloggers to a new feature where I will direct you toward some of my favourite blogs on WordPress, my very own site is still in its relative infancy at only four months, but thanks to other fellow bloggers showing their support it has started to attract more readers and followers … so this is a way I can show my thanks. 96 more words

Other Stuff...

Thoughts: Choice and Romantic Entanglement in Video Games

Sometimes we fuck for fun.


Sometimes we fuck for love.


Sometimes we fuck for gain.


Sometimes we fuck to inspire fear.


Sometimes we fuck to inspire awe. 961 more words


Sci - Fi Video Game Ship Scale

This is awesome to see all these in perspective and yet scary to think if the Reapers came to destroy us in real life and then to think how tiny their ships are compared the Death Star and the Halo Mantle’s Approach.

source: reddit

- Colleen

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