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Review: Mass Effect: Foundation #13

“The explosive finale! Can Rasa outwit all of Cerberus and escape to live a life of freedom? Or will the Illusive Man tighten the noose around her neck?” 527 more words


How I Learned to Love the Reapers

Friend of the blog Joe Osborne has been replaying Mass Effect. Seizing the chance to slack off from writing, we asked him to write a blog about it for us. 1,058 more words

Mass Effect

Mass Effect: Indoctrination Theory

I’m at the end of my latest playthrough of Mass Effect and for my last feature from the playthrough, I’m going to discuss that ending. That ending. 431 more words


Help BioWare Create the Best Possible Mass Effect Experience

It’s likely that the game’s core structure is already nailed down – an autumn release next year is looking increasingly likely – so your responses may be designed to shape the game’s upcoming marketing. 145 more words


My Cosplay!

As I said in my last post about the LFCC, I was inspired to cosplay at next years event. So what have I chosen to cosplay as? 228 more words


The top 5 of my top 10 RPGs of all time

5: Fire Emblem Awakening (Times Finished: 2)

I can’t really say a lot about this one without parroting what I said in my first outdated review… 2,615 more words