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Mass Effect Review

I played this on the Xbox 360 when I was 16 or 17. This is pretty much all those 80′s sci-fi movies in one and almost Star Wars wothy material. 133 more words


Bit-by-Bit Video Game Blog Podcast: Episode 2 - Mass Effect Trilogy

On the second episode of the Bit-by-Bit Video Game Blog Podcast, Shane briefly discusses developer Bioware’s magnum opus, the Mass Effect Trilogy. Shane discusses some small tidbits regarding the games inception, the plot of each game, the games role-playing customization, the role and impact choice has in the game, and the writing and development of the games characters. 74 more words

Wii U

The Hopefulness of Stars - Mass Effect Fanfic

I’m a Mass Effect fan, and ever since playing ME3 I’ve focused a bit on what the characters did between the end of ME2 and the start of ME3.  865 more words


An afternoon with Dragon Age Inquisition

The Mass Effect series is one my all time favourite, yet despite Bioware’s success with this series, it still wasn’t enough to convince me to try out Dragon Age Origins. 1,005 more words


Harsh lighting

I spend a lot of my days in an office, because I’ve got shit else to do. My familiarity with American television culture informs me that working in an office setting is not only quite common among our robust and still growing white-collar workforce, but also a situation perfectly suited for hilarity. 1,044 more words


Other Series That Deserve an Anthology like Halo

When I was thinking about the potential ideas for a Call of Duty collection done in the same style as the recent Master Chief Collection, … 464 more words

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Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 11/19/14

BioWare is just spilling over everywhere. I couldn’t resist posting this Master Thief cosplay even though I have no idea who Master Thief really is. Must have dozed off during that part. 41 more words