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Guest Review #0013: Legion



Today’s review is written by Tim Marron.  Check out more from Tim over at Tim’s Blarg and Timsical Thoughts… 470 more words

DC Direct

What Makes A Video Game Great?

For a while now, I’ve been ruminating over what makes a video game great. What ingredients are being thrown into the development mixing-pot that lead to the creation of great tasting video games? 1,012 more words


It's Still Me (Part Two)

Continued from “It’s Still Me“– spoilers for the video game Mass Effect 2

“We’ll stay here until the evacuation is complete. I hope we can talk before then.” 1,037 more words


Why Diverse Heroes Make Better Video Games

As we all know, there’s currently a massive political argument going on right now that is, ostensibly, about video games and representation. The argument, on one side, more or less boils down to that there’s no reason to put anybody other than a brown-haired thirtyish white guy in a video game as the hero, and it’ll somehow ruin games if we do. 568 more words


Fewer Quests, Higher Quality

I’ve come to notice in recent years that I have a slight disdain for quest logs, commonly found in RPGs. I wouldn’t mind if the quests were interesting and fun to play, but many can feel like they are just there to pad the content out. 552 more words


It's Still Me

I wanted to write something new tonight but it’s late and I’m out of time, so I’m going to post another Mass Effect 2 fanfic piece. 457 more words


Top five Mass Effect squadmates

I love Mass Effect. Like any Bioware game the relationship between the main character and your squad-mates is a massive part of your story. Here I will tell you my FemShep’s top five companions. 410 more words