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Vanilla - Miranda Lawson

Cosplayer: Vanilla
Character: Miranda Lawson
From: Mass Effect 2


Mass Effect [Tea Tales]


I spent the last 5 – 6 days or so playing the Mass Effect (ME) trilogy from start to finish. Three video games – similar but different – totaling about 65 in-game hours, or 70 or so real-life hours due to technical complications and modding. 1,240 more words

Tea Tales

"I" am the Inquisitor

Last week I wrote about my time with Dragon Age Inquisition after having played it for just an afternoon. I’ve had the game for a week now and am past the 25 hour point. 614 more words


Giving Thanks for (Seven) Video Games

Here in the states, we’re in the throes of another turkey day. Happy Thanksgiving! Or, happy Thursday! However you are spending today, I hope you are enjoying it. 874 more words

United We Game

My Favorite Inspirational Video Game Quotes

There are a ton of memorable lines in video games. Here are just a few of these quotable quotes that may have some deeper meaning in them. 943 more words


3 easy ways game pushers keep your trust

Gamers expect developers to exceed preconceived expectations on a regular basis but when developers fail to reach a basic standard of quality, the gamers revolt… even more than usual. 542 more words


AAgardDesign - Tali'Zorah

Cosplayer: AAgrardDesign
Character: Tali’Zorah
From: Mass Effect