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Poking the Reapers and Real Life is Pretty Good at Making Movies

It’s a difficult time right now. There are times when moving forward seems impossible and everything is hopeless. Sadly for hopeless, not moving forward isn’t an option. 246 more words


"Destiny": One week in and going strong…for now

Here’s the thing about “Destiny”: I didn’t want to get it. I wasn’t totally sold on it, I was hesitant at the constant online play and I didn’t want to spend money on a game for my 360 when I may get a new console soon. 781 more words


Replay Value and RPGs

by Thunderhulk

One of the things you hear about games from time to time is that some of them have “great replay value” or “no replay value.” What is replay value, and why should we care about it? 629 more words


One man charts sizes of all sci-fi starships

DeviantArt user DirkLoechel has undertaken the unenviable task of putting together the complete size comparison chart of starships from the many, many sci-fi universes that we know and love: from Star Wars to Mass Effect to Warhammer 40,000. 23 more words

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Video Game Review: Mass Effect

In 2012, friends gifted me the first two Mass Effect games. I had heard a lot about them but had never got to play them so they had decided to fix that. 479 more words

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Commander Shepard

A few years back I was playing a video game on PS3 called Mass Effect (yeah I’m not that old Hahaha). The main character is a man (or a woman) named… 442 more words