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Smarter Sentencing Act: How smart is it?

On April 21, a White House official spoke to Yahoo News, informing a writer there that President Obama would be using more of his pardon power in order to grant clemency to many more people who have been unfairly sentenced due to harsh drug laws of the past. 904 more words

Mass Incarceration

War on Drugs, Land of the Free, Democracy, and Other Myths Concocted by Uncle Sam to Brainwash You

To better put things in perspective, and so I don’t just sound like a disgruntled citizen on a rant, in this post I will try to put the pieces of the puzzle together so the bigger picture can be analyzed. 522 more words

Mass Incarceration

Oligarchy=Taxation Without Representation

American history is not my field but any child in grade school can tell you all about the original Boston Tea Party and why it took place–taxation without representation. 585 more words

Mass Incarceration

Rep Adam Smith writes letter to John Kerry about Nestora's harsh treatment

Representative in Congress, Adam Smith, from Washington’s 9th District has written a letter to Secretary of State John Kerry regarding U.S. citizen Nestora Salgado’s harsh treatment in Mexican prison, and urging attention from the U.S. 18 more words


The drug war: where would Jesus stand? Who would Jesus jail?

There was a great story on Al-Jazeera America posted yesterday, regarding the push by faith leaders to end the war on drugs and establish more reasonable sentencing guidelines. 540 more words


Anti-Black Sentiments+War on Drugs=Mass Incarceration: It's a Scam!

Don’t fall for it, people. The War on Drugs was invented by Uncle Sam to justify locking up the U.S.’s entire population of African-Americans. Sound like slavery? 784 more words


Rep. Niki Tsongas hosts Third District Day

That’s Rep. Niki Tsongas, right, with me, prison reform advocate Susan Tordella, left, April 7 at an opening reception with about 50 other people from Massachusetts who came to D.C. 68 more words