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How the War on Drugs Damages Black Social Mobility | Portside

“The social mobility of black Americans has suffered collateral damage from the “War on Drugs.” Being convicted of a crime has devastating effects on the employment prospects and incomes of ex-felons and their children, as my Brookings colleagues and other scholars have found. 51 more words

Corporate Profits

Black Hole. What is Solitary Confinement?

This post is not a letter from Jamie. I’ve written about ad seg or solitary confinement in many of these posts. I think many people have a vague overall idea of what solitary confinement means, but not really. 1,516 more words

Solitary Confinement

Criminal Records a Major Piece of the Poverty Puzzle

“One Strike and You’re Out,” the Center for American Progress entitles its new report on the barriers people face when they’ve got criminal records. An astounding number of people do — far more than our decades-old enthusiasm for incarcerating people would lead us to expect. 1,006 more words

Crime & Punishment

Offended by Defense, Defended by Offense

Lend me your ear and imagine with me if you will

Two sides divided, just like on a sports field

There are players chosen for assignment on each side… 311 more words


Mass Incarceration - A Growing Issue in the United States

Bruce Furst is a longtime entrepreneur who licenses music content for film productions through his Austin, Texas, company Ashber Corporation. Outside of work, Bruce Furst supports Amnesty International. 168 more words

Bruce Furst

Ohio man exonerated after spending 27 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit - The Washington Post

“I’m so happy today that this battle had come to an end,” Ajamu said, according to Reuters. Cuyahoga County Judge Pamela Barker stepped down from her bench to give Ajamu a hug, the Associated Press reported. 125 more words


Racial Progress and Regress in Historical Context

I just watched a powerful short video of Bill Moyers interviewing author Khalil Muhammed on the historical social “need” for the criminalization of blacks in America. 810 more words