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Who's the True Criminal?

“America, Criminally Insane”

My sister Angela Davis posed the question back in ‘69

“In America, what is the true meaning of crime?”

I believe in order to decipher this question of crime’s position… 456 more words


Missing My Son........Not a Moment Goes By

I honestly have no powerful words to clearly express how deeply my heart and soul are impacted by being separated from my son. Once again, I must say I understand how we, Americans, feel compelled to stand by our laws, regulations, policies. 445 more words

Just Mercy by Bryan Stevenson

Last spring I attended the Public Library Association conference and one of the speakers was Bryan Stevenson. His talk was tailored to the vast hall filled with librarians, (he reminded us of public libraries’ important role as one of the last egalitarian institutions in America) but much of what he said is in  543 more words

Chain of Mis-education

America is like a beautiful, ornate mansion with pristine gardens and well manicured lawns on the outside, however, once you enter through the front door, the stench of the filth that lurks within arrests the human senses like that of a powerful and intoxicating gas, and can render one unconscious; and once you’ve awakened you find that you are enslaved within the walls of an ominous and sinister dungeon; shackled by Capitalistic greed and chained with link, after link, after link of social injustice that leads to dehumanization.” La Royce… 658 more words


From behind bars to baking: VIDEO

The Culinary School at Eva’s Village helps students, including those with criminal records, reenter the workforce.


Correspondent: Katie Quinn
Cinematography: Contessa Gayles & Robert Sevilla… 10 more words


Osama: A Mirror of U.S. Domestic Terror

The Washington Post released an article recently about an interview of Robert O’Neill, the Navy SEAL lauded for killing Osama bin Laden. The account of O’Neill’s life since that day paints him as a “great American hero”, and recognizes the 24 honors he has received throughout his career as the leader of various missions to accost multiple Al-Qaeda members.  582 more words