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Avoid Ebolanoia: Bug Out to Panama

Asking whether Ebola has originated in a laboratory does not make sense at all; there would be no answer. But the fact that a deliberate creation of such bioweapon cannot be ruled out, illustrates the crazy times that we are living in. 712 more words


Is offline branding better than online?

What makes a brand?

If it is agreed that branding is about physical, mental, and emotional connect/association of a product/service with its target audience, then is it easier to brand online or offline, is a query that begs consideration. 326 more words


​‘Russian distress call’ prompting Swedish sub hunt never existed – sigint source

The Swedish minesweeper HMS Kullen and a guard boat are seen in the search for suspected “foreign underwater activity” at Namdo Bay, Stockholm (Reuters / Fredrik Sandberg / TT News Agency) 138 more words

World News

‘Russian distress call’ prompting Swedish sub hunt never existed – sigint source

RT | October 28, 2014

There was no Russian distress call. That’s the opinion of a Swedish signal intelligence (SIGINT) source after a massive $2.8mn military and media sub-hunt consumed the country for a week.

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Guest posts

…commenter Gijoel3 pits Cthulhu’s popularizer against a questioning barista:

H.P Lovecraft ventured forth into that terrible den of iniquity, known as StarBucks. The sight that beheld him was as hideous as it was indescribable.

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Two journalists hit by Israeli rubber bullets while covering protest (VIDEO)

RT | October 28, 2014

An AP photographer and his Swiss colleague were hurt after Israeli border police fired a crowd control grenade at a group of journalists covering Palestinian protests in the West Bank.

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