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Periwinkles in the Arctic

In many ways the work of an artist may appear to be so easy. They do what they love and people pay for the fruits of their creativity. 459 more words


No, We Are NOT All Getting Taller or Growing Bigger Feet

Hey manufacturers: remember that there are plenty of us still around who haven’t grown much in the last several decades.

Lila is a mere five feet tall with size 5 feet, a situation that has not changed since… oh, probably about age 13 or so. 717 more words


Project Proposal

The strongest idea I have so for is to bring awareness to the subject of the extremely fast paced and ever changing fashion industry, which used to have simply four seasons: fall/winter spring/summer. 257 more words


The Story of Lost Arts

I last came here when my son was a very young, wriggly, distracted, bored, little boy, who wanted to run off and explore.  We stood for a while, watching the artisans ply their craft.  617 more words

Hippy Trippy Schadenfreude


“Assembly line of existence whirring on and on, units of humanity rising and falling along the way – punching in, punching out, punching in, punching out…” 114 more words

Creative Writing

A Brief Definition of Kitsch

This post is brief, intended to give definition to a term to be used in later posts. The term “kitsch” is a widely-used artistic terminology, which is closer to an adequate definition of the effects of an Imperialist consumer society on artistic products & artifacts than any other term. 469 more words