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Flower tutorial part two - mass production

So yesterday’s flower was hand crafted, took a while, and looked pretty good, but now I had to make five more flowers, which amounts to fifteen long petals, fifteen wide petals and ten small ones.  693 more words

Craft Project

The social effects of unsustainable production

In the Story of Stuff video, when considering buying a $5 radio, Leonard poses a question: Who pays for this?

I just found this website… 189 more words

Mass-Production: Who pays for all this?

We do of course, we pay through our pocket, through our depleting natural resources and through the devastating social effects of mass production.

Our water sources pay: 211 more words

Prospective Mass Production of Graphene

Graphene, the wonder-material, is constantly being tested and experimented with for ways of learning how to mass produce it for commercialization. If you didn’t know, Graphene is a single layer thick of carbon atoms that is incredibly strong, flexible, and conductive. 177 more words

“Craft has never been more important than now, as an antidote to mass production and as a practice in which the very time is takes to produce an object becomes part of its value in a world… 65 more words

Creativity and Design

Good design should always, I believe, be both functional and beautiful. Sometimes the function is the beauty in itself, or vice versa, and that’s fine. That counts, too. 900 more words


Artificial blood to be manufactured in factories soon

It’s starting to become more and more apparent that we are in the future with just taking a look at a few of our posts like Google Glass, planes that can fly around the world, boats that never need to leave the water as a result of an endless fuel supply. 197 more words