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Creativity and Design

Good design should always, I believe, be both functional and beautiful. Sometimes the function is the beauty in itself, or vice versa, and that’s fine. That counts, too. 900 more words


Artificial blood to be manufactured in factories soon

It’s starting to become more and more apparent that we are in the future with just taking a look at a few of our posts like Google Glass, planes that can fly around the world, boats that never need to leave the water as a result of an endless fuel supply. 197 more words


From church to the shops

The Bible that turned people away from the church.

It may sound like a paradox, but the first printed book ever could be called that way with no shame. 301 more words

Vishua Lecture- Mass Production And The Modern World

During the industrial revolution, more and more factories were built which introduced mass production in to the world; the starting point for us becoming a modern society and the cause behind a higher consumerism. 296 more words


It seems to be the season for sketchy rumors, with Taiwan’s Industrial & Commercial Times (cited by EMSOne) claiming that the 4.7-inch version of the… 133 more words

IOS Devices

Concept iTV via AmongTech

The Korea Herald reports that IBK Securities analysts believe Apple has requested sample display panels from a Korean manufacturer for potential use in a future Apple TV. 228 more words

AAPL Company

Ch.7 Gutenberg: Little Mirrors

In this chapter William Powers talks about a man known as Johann Gutenberg. Gutenberg was an entrepreneur, businessman, and technologist, he is best known for creating the movable printing press. 364 more words