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Meat or Poison?

News of massive beef recalls, avian flu, and swine flu outbreaks is a reminder that big business farms are not the answer. Factory farming is to blame; these animals are raised in mass production, squished in a building and fed the cheapest of the cheap. 261 more words

The natural ingredients of a man made world

From a prehistoric arrow head to the mouse cursor icon on a computer screen. From the first sprouted seed of human cognitive consciousness, to a finger pressing a button to launch a rocket monkey into space. 264 more words

Eating food and Eating food like Substances

This post is a bit different from previous posts since I’m planning to create a totally new blog from scratch (hopefully on Wix) if I can figure it out! 527 more words


On valuing replacable items

A Facebook friend of mine commented on the oddities of our way of valuing mass produced objects vs. unique objects. He gave an example of replacing his MacBook for a newer version or a new one even if there is a nasty scratch on the old one, without a second thought, even though he values the MacBook. 241 more words



I’ve recently experienced a massive identity crisis.

The other day I was stereotyped as the “fashion girl”—two times back-to-back. It was odd—I had completely mixed emotions about the title. 794 more words