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Progress, no irony attached

As a political label the term “progressive”, still new in 1911, can only be appliced conclusively to Theodore Roosevelt’s Progressive Party of 1912. But the word went well beyond electoral politics.

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Inherent Sentimentality

I first became aware of Trent Jansen’s uniquely personal approach to product design during the final phase of my own Industrial Design degree. In a time where I had become disillusioned with traditional product design and in turn questioning my own desire to be involved in design for mass production, Jansen’s work provided an example of how concept and personal reflection can lead to the development of products that are not only beautiful, but also have the ability to foster in their users a deep emotional connection. 470 more words

God Bless America

Henry Ford (1863-1940) was responsible for a massive boost in America’s economy through the mass production of the Model T Ford in 1908. This production method improves speed and efficiently, resulting in a higher income and making more units effectively being cheaper. 924 more words


Quails, Jelly and 48 kgs. of Apples

Thursdays are my longest day of the week. I begin at eight a.m. with a five hour lab, take a one hour break, then continue with another five hour class. 943 more words


Man Vs. Machine

The following design fiction shows the parallels of the manufacturing process as seen by the public. The video gives me an eerie feeling of emptiness and plastic.

About AWorldofGoods.com

It is the first online marketplace exclusively for Fair Trade & Upcycled Goods.  The site provides one place for conscientious consumers to find and purchase both. 406 more words