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How Did We Get Here

Why is the US in the mess that it seems to find itself?

That is the nagging question that caused me to start digging into how we got here. 756 more words


History of the Guitar

It is very difficult to trace a line back to the exact birth of the instrument we know as the guitar today, as there is a lot of myth and uncertainty surrounding its origins. 21 more words

4.7-inch iPhone production to start third week of July, 5.5-inch second week of August as Foxconn confirms hiring of 100K workers

Apple is set to begin mass production of the next-generation iPhone next week, the Economic Daily reported today. According to the report, the smaller 4.7-inch model will enter production in the third week of July, while the larger 5.5-inch variant will enter production in the second week of August. 241 more words

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Reaping the fruits (veggies) of labour

Since we started gardening only a few months ago, it has been a roller coaster experience so far. First the snails ate most of the newly planted veggies and then the weather was too cold and rainy, and thus it dawned on us that gardening needs patience, a lot of work and passion and a little luck too! 197 more words


A report from the Economic Daily, which has had better reliability than most Chinese news sites (although should still be treated with relative skepticism), suggests that the iWatch will launch in three distinct models ( 173 more words

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Mass Production of Food

Watch out! The big wants to get bigger. What do you expect? That they should be happy with part of the pie and not all of the pie? 582 more words