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Careful...Someone's Watching

Careful…Someone’s Watching

A new UK law requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile companies to store user data reflects a growing and worrisome trend of… 140 more words

Whistle-Blower's Private Postal Letter Opened, Scanned & Published by "Legacy Foundation" (UCSF)

I knew, particularly since Edward Snowden’s revelations, that all our private electronic communications (email, among others) are under mass surveillance by government agencies (NSA/CIA and other bodies) and involve mail services such as Gmail, YahooMail, Hotmail and AOL mail. 1,444 more words

BBC News: UN warns on surveillance 'dangers'

I saw this story on the BBC News and thought you should see it:

UN warns on surveillance ‘dangers’

Too many governments are “rubber-stamping” mass surveillance programmes, warns the United Nations human rights watchdog. 9 more words


EFF: UN Human Rights Report and the Turning Tide Against Mass Spying

This report turns the tide in the privacy debate at the United Nations and opens the door for more substantive scrutiny of states’ surveillance practices and their compliance with international human rights law.   

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Human Rights

Stand Against Spying ~ Where do your representatives stand on illegal mass spying?

Go here to enter your zip code and address to see how your reps compare

We’re standing against mass spying

We are a coalition of organizations and individuals from across the political spectrum advocating for transparency and an end to mass surveillance. 277 more words

News And Politics

Why the new snooping law threatens individual freedom

Those people who hoped the coalition government would roll back the surveillance state must be deeply disappointed. Although the new snooping law is being sold as a replacement for existing rules, the reality may be rather more worrying. 229 more words

Political Economy

Who Else?

After having delayed for more than a week a much awaited The Intercept publication on who has been unlawfully spied on surveilled by NSA, yesterday’s… 195 more words