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Hear all, See all ?

I was listening to a USA/Int’l news show (radio).. one topic was a ‘revelation’ from Edward Snowden, titled : ‘Icy Reach’ (surveillance program) apparently can ‘hear all & see all'; meta-data, voice communication & other internet traffic info. 86 more words

The Most Wanted Man in the World

For at least one day last week, the internet went bananas for Wired’s profile of Edward Snowden (or at least my Twitter feed did).

It’s a great profile, with beautiful photography. 194 more words


Big Brother is Watching: The Fundamental Rights and Fourth Amendment Implications of Chicago's City-Wide Surveillance Network

True story: law school does, in fact, get easier in your second year. The caveat, however, is that you become ridiculously busy. Hence the lack of updates over the past few months. 175 more words


The NSA - my ally

Mass surveillance and data retention are widely and emotionally debated topics in Europe. Now, a Dutch court ruled, that the exchange of data is legal even though its source is mass surveillance, because the intercepting state is an ally, here in particular the US with its NSA. 185 more words

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German Intelligence Service ordered to start spying on U.S. and Britain 

Angela Merkel has ordered its intelligence service to spy on the U.S and Britain for the first time since 1945, according to reports.

The move will see Germany’s equivalent of MI5, the BND, monitor British and American spying operations on its soil. 132 more words


Careful...Someone's Watching

Careful…Someone’s Watching

A new UK law requiring Internet service providers (ISPs) and mobile companies to store user data reflects a growing and worrisome trend of… 140 more words