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SEPTA Urges Regional Rail Riders To Prepare For Delays, Crowds On Evening Trains

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – SEPTA is warning riders to prepare for delays and crowded trains during Tuesday’s evening commute.

According to the transit company, all Regional Rail trains will continue to run on a Saturday schedule throughout rush hour. 51 more words


Part 11: Istanbul Day 3

Disclaimer: my camera finally stopped working for reasons I cannot ascertain, and so I don’t have my own pictures of any of the sites here. Photos will be credited to their original owners. 698 more words

Turkey Trip 2015

NYC for an engineering lecture

I attended an engineering lecture for work yesterday. Since it was my one and only stop in the city, I took the train, which was a very financially prudent thing to do, plus avoid any unpleasant traffic getting to the city AND in Midtown. 468 more words


I like my high-speed train with a side of wifi, thank you.

“Hej” means “hi” and “haj” means “shark” and never the twain shall meet. Unless, of course, you find yourself greeting a shark or happen to be me, and because they sound EXACTLY THE SAME, writing them on your blog where your Danish father can read and then mock you mercilessly when you arrive (all in love, of course). 680 more words

New York At Her Best

Yesterday I was complaining of her sassy attitude, but Ms Manhattan showed me her other side.

I had to be in lower Manhattan at 6 a.m near street names foreign to me: Erricson, Beach, Vestry all of which were not on any current map. 558 more words


Metro Goes Retro in Latest Disaster

(Washington, DC — January 19, 2015) – Senior managers for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) – commonly known as Metro – uncorked the champagne this morning and drank a toast to success. 735 more words


The problem with Uber's European job promises

The newly humble Uber has made its pitch to city officials around Europe by promising the creation of “50,000 jobs” during 2015 – if mayors and their transport departments play nice and change their taxi regulations. 859 more words