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Obama's Not the Only Democrat Hearing Voices

He may not even be the first. Earlier this year the Democrat elite that runs Arlington County, VA (a DC suburb) heard the voices of all the voters too lazy to participate in a special election for the board. 98 more words


The Humble Bus - You deserve better

Oh, the humble bus. You get nothing but the ire of transit riders the world over. Even in transit friendly places like Freiburg, Germany and London I have seen and heard people express grief towards buses that is less frequently directed at trams or trains.  2,467 more words


VTA/Bart and California High Speed rail potential synergies

(A)(1) Would a California high-speed rail terminating at the San Jose Diderot station fuel BART and Caltrain  passengers onto high-speed rail? And how many passengers would result from this combination of connections? 536 more words

Mass Transit

Day 315: Mass Transit

Seattle is expanding their mass transit footprint with the expansion of a light rail system. This station is on Broadway, in Capitol Hill, and will connect with the University District station up north next to the University of Washington’s Husky Stadium. 36 more words


Rainier Ave Safety Project - Final Meeting Tomorrow, 11/18

You’ve seen the news: Rainier Ave and MLK Way are dangerous. The entire Rainier Valley is dealing with tragedy and loss in the wake of major “accidents.” … 208 more words


49 Crying on the Subway

The one thing I think I wasn’t ready for when I moved to NYC was living more of my life publically. 211 more words


American Cities With The Best Public Transportation Systems

One of the best ways to cut down on our carbon footprint is to use mass transportation, which of course is much easier to do when cities offer convenient transit options. 517 more words