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Why Don’t We See Miracles Today?

Why Don’t We See Miracles Today?

Why don’t more miracles happen in our churches today? Jesus came so we might have life and have it abundantly. 411 more words

#Science: ' Does Light Weigh Anything?' #vetenskap

The answer is: it has no weight. But it has momentum. What is momentum and how is it measured? You will find all the answers you need in the video. 20 more words

Science And Space

Archbishop Martin to celebrate Christmas Mass in Dundalk next month

Armagh Diocesan Cursillo will celebrate the annual Mass in Preparation for Christmas with Archbishop Eamon Martin on Friday 12th December at 7.30pm in St Patrick’s Church, Dundalk. 218 more words


For a hermit, the road to priesthood

Wonderful news from the shrine of Our Lady of the Garden Enclosed in Warfhuizen, late last night, as hermit Brother Hugo announced that he will be ordained to the diaconate on the 25th of January. 305 more words

Catholic Church In The Netherlands

Arch 121 Report 5 - 'Three Reminders to Architects'

This week, we have read Le Corbusier’s writing which is Three Reminders to Architects, Mass and Surface. In the beginning of the text Le Corbusier says that architecture show itself over mass and surface and he defines the architecture as a pulling, truth and dexterous play of mass that aggregate in light and he suggests that light and shade show up the most important basic of geometric forms such as pyramids, cubes, cones, spheres, cylinders and when he evaluates Gotic architecture, it doesn’t use spheres, cylinders, cones as base. 122 more words


Feast of Saint Edmund Rich (20 November 2014)

Let’s think about the psalms a little bit today. The book of the psalms, called the psalter, is one of the wisdom books of the Old Testament and has been the basic prayerbook of the Jewish people since before the time of Jesus. 448 more words

Daily Messages

Three Reminders to Architects

In this week we read the “Three Reminders to Architects” chapter in the Le Corbusier’s book. This is the fifth assignment for ARCH 121.

The first reminder is “mass”.  238 more words