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Massage Therapy and Osteopathy

What is the Difference between Massage Therapy and Osteopathy?

This is a question I get asked quite frequently, so I will try to give a thumbnail sketch of these two Healing Arts and where they overlap. 470 more words

Essential Tips for Creative Success for Wellbeing Practitioners

Creativity can be your greatest asset for success in your wellbeing business. But what happens if your creative spirit is out of balance? The most common mistakes I see when coaching wellbeing practitioners are either; letting judgement stop the ideas that come before they have a chance to be considered (it’ll never work, too many people are already doing that, I’m not sure I’m capable yada, yada, yada…) or allowing the creative spirit to run wild expending energy all over the place but committing to nothing. 496 more words

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Massage Therapy Jobs

A massage therapist who is certified, licensed and registered is a fairly new addition to health care professionals. Americans spend about 6 billion dollars annually on massage therapy. 316 more words