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The Weekly Statacular Part II

by Peter.

In part one yesterday, we took a look at the change in points expectation for teams in the EPL. In today’s part, we’ll be looking at how the teams are performing using our Adjusted Massey (AM) Ratings. 674 more words


Weekly Statacular Part II

Yesterday we looked at how teams were doing in the league compared to their expected points total using Pythagorean Expectation. Today we’ll be going a bit further into the data using what we call Adjusted Massey (AM) Ratings. 1,100 more words


When you have done every activity of your day with somebody…when you have hugged the same somebody for over 50 times in a day…for the past year and a half, doing it all alone doesn’t make any sense. 126 more words

Massey And Maahi

The choice...

One of the many things that we learn in life is living it. We get stuck on situations and people, and then life starts to seem so out of control and you start feeling lost. 317 more words

Massey And Maahi

This is How You Do It To It!!

I’m not a pool player… However, my husband is a regular Mike Massey.

Though I seem to be attracted to pool players, I’ve never been very good at the game. 295 more words


Lesson 2

One of the most important things I learned from my dad on our farm was how to drive. When I was little, I used to sit next to him dad on the buddy seat inside the cab of our Massey Ferguson tractor. 249 more words