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It's All About The Start

How do you start your day? Hit snooze a couple of times before finally dragging your body out of bed? If that’s you I want to challenge you to a new way of starting the day. 151 more words

Are You Taking Massive Action or Passive Action?

My friend and mentor, Brooke Castillo, has often spoken about taking “massive action.” Her definition of massive action is taking action until you get the results you want. 569 more words


Achieving Massive Success

“Without constant attention to your own throught process your brain will go off track.  It will become negative and open to the negative influences of the masses of struggling others.   504 more words

Planning and taking MASSIVE action.

With the goal setting done, now you are ready to plan and take action. All these steps go hand in hand and skipping one step is not recommended. 914 more words