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Mastectomy #8B - when disaster strikes ... swan with a broken wing ... a friend's support

I had a mastectomy.

The unexpected happens.

I suffer nerve damage. I lose the use of my left arm.

It’s too painful to write about the experience. 41 more words


My Two Year Cancerversary

Today is my cancerversary.

There are different days that people choose as their cancerversary. Some people use the day they’re diagnosed. Others use the day that they are declared cancer free. 592 more words

Anastasia, reconstruction, DW and me

I threw an Anastasia video from YouTube to chromecast, because I knew she was one of DW favourite artists. DW pointed out to me that her boobies were post reconstruction. 92 more words

Getting Organised

on money, working, cancer

Some people are always shocked- happily so- when they find out I continue to work and teach and everything as I do cancer. It seems to satisfy their need for me to be OK- “Well, she’s working, she must be OK!” I want to be clear about why I continue to work. 1,254 more words

Identity Crisis

Sorry it’s been so long.  I am working through an identity crisis.

At first I thought it was a mid- life crisis, but upon closer review, it is definitely an identity crisis. 1,118 more words

Cowden's Syndrome

4 Things I Gained After Losing My Breasts

Last week I underwent my first surgery in a series of procedures for my preventative double mastectomy.  This surgery involved removal of nearly all my breast tissue and the beginning stages of my breast reconstruction process. 650 more words

Whoa...let's not get too optimistic!

One morning – 2 hospitals, 3 clinicians…I was back in the Breast Clinic today and saw the lovely consultant I first saw back last summer who gave me my diagnosis. 205 more words