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Expert Debunks Myths And Misconceptions Around Breast Cancer

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There are lots of thoughts on breast cancer.

Some are on the right track with family history and genetics to blame. Some women will get mastectomies just because it runs in their family. 601 more words


Pelvic exams are pointless, like everything else.

Three things we already knew:

1. Ovarian cancer screening doesn’t work. CA-125 tests and transvaginal ultrasounds rarely detect cancer before stage IV. In fact, at the Joining Forces conference, Dr. 1,312 more words


Welcome!  I am writing this blog with a specific intent.  If you are a person experiencing breast cancer or know someone who is then my aim is to share information to help you along through this journey. 1,427 more words

I am healed. All is well. I am whole.

I am healed. All is well. I no longer have Idiopathic Granulomatous Mastitis. If it weren’t for the long scar on my left ribcage, I can almost forget I ever had IGM. 349 more words

Granulomatous Mastitis


Well that was the shortest happy news ever. I swear I was only hoping to get a reprieve from my illness for just six months, that’s all I was hoping for, nothing more. 848 more words

Cancer Talk

"Why don't you just have the breast off?"

A few days ago I posted this photo and the following paragraph on my Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Positve3negative/548288675239161?ref_type=bookmark.

“Farewell my beautiful scar. Surgery tomorrow which will involve standing in a mammogram machine while they insert a wire to mark out the relevant section to be removed. 2,461 more words

Breast Cancer

"Dear Girlfriend"-A Hand Held Walk Through Breast Cancer

Suzan Rivers, a Breast Cancer survivor, will take you by the hand from the day you are diagnosed and explain every test, every surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. 414 more words