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I never though in a million years that so many people would know so much about my boobs, my ovaries, and my fallopian tubes. I’ve been pretty open about my cancer journey, so when people ask, I answer honestly. 845 more words

Breast Cancer

Anyone for Scones??

Sam comes into the bedroom really early. He is really hot and feels sick. It is a really hot morning so I ask him to come sit with me by the pool. 563 more words

Breast Cancer

Two Weeks Post Mastectomy/Hysterectomy

I’m a little over two weeks out from surgery. It’s been…a million things, and all those things are still flying around inside my head and hard to sort. 1,100 more words


Body Compromised

Oh, late, late Wednesday. Today was not too terribly wicked. I am snotty and coughing, a bit, but I really had fun today in my classes and the night wasn’t terrible. 352 more words

A fair exchange

Earlier this week I had an operation, so just now I’m feeling fab. Physically I have a bit of pain and what the medical world terms ‘discomfort’, but emotionally I’m mainly happy. 637 more words

Frances Burney and Baron Larrey. The story of a mastectomy.

In 1811, the novelist Frances Burney was diagnosed with breast cancer.  A time before anaesthetics and with precious little to offer in the way of effective pain relief. 5,713 more words


Bring On the Pain

After having my breasts cut off, I had plastic tissue expanders put in to start the reconstructive process. A tissue expander is like a large plastic shoulder pad shoved into your breast pocket.  447 more words