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Just when you think it can't get any worse, sometimes it does.

My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer in January.

On Wednesday of last week, she had a single mastectomy to remove the tumor in her left breast and a couple cancerous lymph nodes in her arm. 459 more words


IN$urance Hell

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early October 2013 and had 11 business days to prepare for double mastectomy. Virtually every other day I was heading somewhere for a test or to fill out paperwork. 528 more words

Followup: prophylactic mastectomy for average women






I wanted to followup on my previous post about Peggy Orenstein’s article on prophylactic mastectomy for average women with breast cancer because I’m seeing some chat about it in BRCA+ communities that disturbs me. 701 more words

The Undershirt of Honesty

I have gone to bed in a undershirt every night since the surgery. I think about how unbalanced my body looks without breasts. I never struggled with the decision to have the mastectomy and opted for the double to be sure. 278 more words

Protecting Women's Agency: on prophylactic surgery for non-BRCA+ patients

Peggy Orenstein has a really interesting opinion piece in today’s NYT on bilateral mastectomy for non-BRCA+ women, AKA “CPM.” For women without genetic predispositions to breast cancer, bilateral mastectomy does not prevent the recurrence of breast cancer nor does it lead to higher survival rates for patients. 482 more words


‘I was a disruptive kid…. bloody knees, bruises and a butter knife tucked in my boots…. smoked….dropped out of school at 17, went to live with my step sister in Hillbrow….got involved in clubs…. 410 more words