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Fanny Burney’s Mastectomy

Fanny Burney was a famous novelist in the late 18th and early 19th century. She married Alexandre d’Arblay, a French aristocrat who had escaped the French revolution. 795 more words

Sholom Glouberman

Things to Never Say...

To Someone Going Through a Double Mastectomy…

When I started opening up to friends about how my genetic testing results came back and I was positive, I got mixed reactions. 2,460 more words


How do you mourn body parts? I certainly shouldn’t be a stranger to the process, a total hysterectomy before my 40th birthday – but I didn’t mourn the organs… 596 more words

Breast Cancer

10 Cancer Myths Debunked

Persistent Myths Debunked

If you google cancer, you will find millions of pages and videos with information on this subject. The majority of the information on these pages is inaccurate and can be dangerous, especially when looking for a cure. 465 more words

Breast Cancer

Cancer - it will never be just a zodiac sign

I loved astrology as a child.  Like, a lot.  There are still numerous books on a shelf in my old room at my parents’ house relating to astrology, palmistry, dream dictionaries, etc.  919 more words


Short-term pain for long-term gain

When I woke up from my surgery this past Monday, I knew it was over.  Unlike last time when I awoke from the anesthesia confused and wondering why the surgery hadn’t started yet, this time I concentrated really hard on trying to capture my surroundings as they rolled me towards the operating room.  1,348 more words



I never though in a million years that so many people would know so much about my boobs, my ovaries, and my fallopian tubes. I’ve been pretty open about my cancer journey, so when people ask, I answer honestly. 845 more words

Breast Cancer