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When life gives you lemons...

Most of us can’t admit we take good care of our bodies and at the end of the day, we’re the one who suffers the consequences. 1,715 more words


My Attempt at the Master Cleanse .... Day 2

This may be the longest 10 days of my life….I’m not having “flu” like symptoms as of yet, but I’m anxiously watching the clock for my next “meal”. 514 more words

Master Cleanse

My Attempt at the Master Cleanse Day 1 - will I make it?

So, among other things my life is all out of whack…why not try something drastic to change from the inside out. Ever since watching the RHOBH and Yolanda Foster’s shear enthusiasm and passion for the benefits of the master cleanse, I have been curious to try it. 1,017 more words

Master Cleanse

Day 5 & 6 update of my version of the Master Cleanse!

Hey Guys,

So it’s the morning of day 6 and I feel great, there have been some challenges throughout the way. Check out the video and see how i’ve modified the original Master cleanse.


Detox 2014 Update

Today being the fourth day on this detox, things are looking up. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself.

The first two days of the detox went about as normal with no major hiccups.  638 more words

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Day 4 update of the Master Cleanse!

Hey guys!

I’m really excited to share with you todays update!


The Master Cleanse!

Hey guys!

I’ve been gone for a while I know, I’m sorry! Last time I was on here I was about to POP (give birth) to my baby boy. 127 more words