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Master Cleanse Day 3

Today feels like a normal day. I’m not amped up and high on life, but I’m not feeling general resistance either. What I am reflecting on is how I deal with the stress of parenting. 439 more words

To Juice or Not to Juice…Part 1

Everyday I see people post pictures of some very elegant juices. They are always presented perfectly with simple yet attractive packaging. The language used to describe the juice is always emotionally charged and very persuasive, but do clean designs make for a clean body? 219 more words


Master Cleanse Day 2

Another bright-eyed morning! I haven’t brushed up against my own resistance…yet. I suspect that will come in the next 2-3 days, when I have a rush of “OMG, I want to chew some food!” That being said, resistance is not happening today! 199 more words

Master Cleanse Day 1

You might be wondering why I’m writing about doing a Master Cleanse. Long story short; physical cleansing leads to a cleansing of the mind. My intention is to share the mental/psychological challenges and triumphs that I experience while doing this particular juice fast. 132 more words

Let's kick this into high-gear shall we.

I am a sucker for anything cleansing related.  I jump on board with de-cluttering, cold-turkey, extreme purging bandwagons.

So, naturally, it’s time for me to detox. 456 more words


Progress Pictures

I don’t like when people preach health, but don’t have proof of not being genetically blessed or of their hard work. Here are photos taken over the last 3 months that show that I’m not just spouting off whatever I feel. 7 more words


Master Cleanse: Daily Journal

Let me start by saying, if you are going to do the Master Cleanse, prepare yourself. Prepare yourself emotionally, physically, but most importantly MENTALLY! You will be bombarded mentally by people saying its “unhealthy”, “bad for you”, “have a cookie”, “you don’t need to do that”, etc… You know what’s best for you. 456 more words