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Iga Bakar Resep Oma Lucky Grill Ribs

Banyak pendapat yang mengatakan masakan ibu atau nenek kita adalah masakan terenak didunia, selain karena pengalaman memasak yang sudah lama, biasanya bumbu yang diracik juga istimewa. 315 more words

You Eat with your Eyes.

Technically your teeth do the chewing and your digestive system breaks down the food to absorb the stuff that makes your body function. But, when food looks good, you are far more likely to initially put that food in your mouth. 226 more words


Shit that Pissed me off - 9/19

Almost Everything About the Adrian Peterson Story

First, I’m upset that this entire story is turning into a question of what parents are “allowed” to do to discipline their child. 1,205 more words


A Sweet Banana Bread Recipe and a Sour Audition

3 weekends ago, I did cooking marathon and I was able to come up with the banana bread recipe that I really like – buttery and sweet. 1,423 more words

Chanda's Kitchen

Potato gnocchi with mushrooms

I have been spending a lot of time watching old seasons of Masterchef Australia. It is a great thing to do while cooking myself. Plus, I always feel highly inspired and motivated to try something new after watching these professional homecooks. 386 more words


Sexism in Media: Why Many of Us Don't Feel Good Enough

How often do you see a woman on TV unmade up, not in high heels, not being funny, that wins, is proclaimed amazing, a role-model, and so on? 344 more words