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So the other day, I watched a movie with my parents and family movie watching time is quite interesting for me you know, Daddy crosses his legs on the chair probably analyzing the movie and wondering the need for the scenes before and after, Mummy is more open minded and wants to get the message in the movie; so sometimes she makes a few comments to get daddy’s attention and daddy replies as quickly and short as He can so he doesn’t miss out in anything. 348 more words

TakaraTomy MP-20 Wheeljack

TakaraTomy MP-20 Wheeljack
I pre ordered Wheeljack early this year and finally has it in my hands last week.
This had been the longest time of waiting for a single Transformers. 195 more words


Masterpiece Transformers Wheeljack

This is a definite must-buy for G1 Transformers fans – the Masterpiece MP-20 Wheeljack.  Like all of the Masterpiece series the robot modes and articulation is great, but this car mode looks sweet as Wheeljack is based on the Lancia Stratos Turbo 5 rally car. 13 more words



What will your legacy look like?

How do you want to be remembered when you leave your current school or workplace?

I watched the attached video, Masterpiece, and showed it at our grade-level meetings. 283 more words

Modernist Masterpiece Remade

It took 5 years and $10 million to restore Mellon Square, the country’s very first public plaza constructed over a subterranean parking garage. Reopened last spring, the buffed and polished 1955 modernist masterpiece (a collaboration of landscape architects Simonds and Simonds and architects … by… 7 more words

Women Ideas

You Are Not Meaningless!

You’re not a bunch of random meaningless junk spliced together, you are artfully handcrafted with a specific purpose. Seriously, you are a masterpiece, a living piece of art made by God. 149 more words