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Memories (1995) | Anime Nonsense


Katsuhiro Otomo’s Memories is a very special and somewhat humbling experience. It’s dark, it’s dramatic, it’s very artfully crafted, and has a broad scope with its subjects, its backgrounds, its camera-work, its musical choices, and its varied art styles. 1,700 more words


Maybe just a little crazy...

As I thread the needle and reference the pattern, I think to myself, AM I CRAZY! No, no I’m not (maybe just a little).

I found a new love and it’s bead-weaving! 179 more words

Kroket Kentang Ayam Sayur


Bahan kulit:
• 100 g kentang, dikukus kemudian dihaluskan
• ½ sdt pala bubuk
• ½ sdt merica bubuk
• 1 buah kemiri sangrai, haluskan… 150 more words

Cooking Recipes

Gaming Masterpiece #2 - Sonic The Hedgehog

Format Reviewed Sega Mega Drive/Genesis
Other Formats None at the time of release, but included in many Sega collection releases over the years and the Wii Virtual Console… 1,028 more words


The Masterpiece

Art is colour,

We are not blind to colour,

So paint our love I beg.

Make the shades deeper,

We are green not naïve,

Blue but smiling, 84 more words


L is for...

Mr Snail-of-happiness learned to knit so that he could contribute a square to My Masterpiece. Like everyone else, I asked him to write something to go with the picture of the square in my scrapbook. 17 more words


Each of Us is a Work of Art in Progress

Each of us is a work of art in progress. We are here to do extraordinary things. With every experience the waters ebb and flow until they carve out a beautiful space that is not only rich in color but let’s the light into the depths of our soul. 196 more words