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Real Estate Property Search

Need a house to buy? Or want to sell a house? Maybe you want to keep your property by renting it. This web app will give the detailed uptodate history of any property with price variation spread over 1 year, 5 year or a 10 year graph. 66 more words


Worldwide Computer Repair Masters

Everybody using PC in their daily life. They are do many things from job to entertainment with the amazing machine. At home you are use laptops or standard desktop computer and at works you are share the data center with other employee. 101 more words


Video of the Week: A friendly reminder...

The fall season is starting (or about to start) so this is just a reminder for all the novice rowers and coxswains, rowers turned coxswains, coxswains turned rowers, first year coaches, and anyone else who is just getting started in the sport – nobody’s great right off the bat and… 34 more words


Stack Search -- End of Developers Nightmares!!!

The latest to add to my project repertoire is the application built using Stack Overflow’s APIs. It searches the posts that match the user query and retrieves up to 30 posts for that searched keywords. 82 more words