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Casual Comics Guy Hot Picks of the Week: Thanksgiving Edition! (November 26, 2014)

Happy Turkey Day, everyone. Hope you’ll all be with family and friends this week, enjoying a wonderful holiday meal. If you can throw some comics into the mix, that’s even better. 1,088 more words


He-Man and the Masters of the Universe - Castle Grayskull

Such a cheese filled and badly acted commercial but hey, we all wanted one!

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Cult Kids TV


Even though I was born in the 90’s, as a child the 80’s was the main source of much of my entertainment. While most kids were watching Dexter’s Laboratory, I was watching Dungeons & Dragons, and while they read Power Rangers annuals, I had Thundercats. 719 more words


Wednesday Comics by My-larr: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #10

Title: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe #10

Publisher: DC Comics

Cost: $2.99

Storytellers: Dan Abnett (writer) with Michael S O’Hare (artist)

As He-Man, King Randor and Battle Cat battle creatures at the gates of Subternia, trapped in the Realm of Nightmares, all seems lost, when out of nowhere, Teela, Moss Man and Stratos arrives with an air skiff and rescue the surrounded Masters. 205 more words

Masters Of The Universe

Skeletor will pimp your shiz

Skeletor has got to be the most unlikely of spokesmen, but there his is, shilling for Honda. If you needed any more proof that people my age have taken control of a large segment of society, I submit to you He-Man and Battlecat in the rear view cam screen. 73 more words

Tv Reviews

This Will Kill A Minute: Supercut of Skeletors Insults

If you didn’t know, Skeletor is a bit of a diva…come to think of it, everyone on that show might have been…Anyway, turns out Skeletor enjoyed throwing out some pretty awesome insults from time to time or terrible insults depending on how much of a cynical dick you are. 20 more words