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Stop Pretending

Nationalistic values now disgust me
Feeling as if I have been duped my whole life.
America the pitiful, the coward, the hypocrite
The puppet of foreign interests… 73 more words


Graduate School is nothing like Undergrad: 5 ways it is more Rewarding

When talking to undergraduate students or even those in the workforce considering going back to school for their Master’s, I am always asked, “How is it different?” It is very different, and in a good way. 750 more words


Even more choices

Today I have been offered a place on a postgraduate masters course. It seems the offers keep coming.

New Graduate

Intro 6: Epilogue

Comes now, from the East:
Sun, to turn this evil tide;
Burn it back to Hell.



Getting my trade on

I have found lately that just because you have a degree and graduated Magna Cum Laude doesn’t magically open doors. In fact, and somewhat humbling is that without any previous experience I may as well have foregone my degree and the debt associated with it. 104 more words

The short night; / A broom thrown away / On the beach (haiku by Buson)

Sweeping leads to enlightment. Apparently. (Old Pond Comics)

The short night;

A broom thrown away

On the beach.

- Buson (From: Haiku, R.H. Blyth, p. 675) 7 more words



I didn’t plan to take a ‘gap year’ as such. Final year of college implanted in me every particle of seriousness that I lacked in my previous two laid-back years. 914 more words