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Retrospective: Morne's "Shadows"

As the seasons change, so do I. A large part of that is reflected in the music I listen to; the thrash and melodic death metal sounds that fill my summer and autumn have yielded to the darkened depths of winter, where the soundtrack tends to be of the black and doom metal varieties. 409 more words


Preview: Mastodon @ O2 Guildhall, Southampton

When they’re not carving giant wooden dicks and creating psychedelic twerk-fest music videos, Mastodon release heavy metal albums. This year’s Once More ‘Round The Sun… 130 more words


Mastodon O2 Guildhall Southampton gig preview - 22/11/14

Explorers of sonic entities and lovers of riffs rejoice. The lords of prog and defenders of sludge, Mastodon, are coming to town. The Atlanta quartet famous for pushing the boundaries of the progressive metal universe, as they did on their latest album… 203 more words


Nachash by Krokodil

There never seems to be a chance for new bands to get a break. This seems especially true in the Metal genre; while Stadia sell tickets to see acts like Slipknot and Korn, this is largely based on nostalgia, newer breakthrough acts like Mastodon pack out locations like the O2 Academy and City Hall which are great venues but they deserve larger venues and bigger audiences. 648 more words


How’s that played? – Mastodon

I don’t know who this dude is, as I can’t see his face. Thanks anyway mysterious dude for showing us how to play these killer MASTODON riffs! Enjoy:


Darwin's 18 pence

South American Pleistocene beasts were super weird. They owe their peculiar evolution to events that happened deep within the very bowels of the planet, hundreds of millions of years ago.  1,247 more words


Descend The Shades of Heavy

Bloodstone and Diamonds – Machine Head

I don’t know about you but this is the one I’ve been waiting for. I’ll come straight out the gates and say I fucking love Machine Head and it would have taken them doing something preposterously poor for me not to heap praise upon them. 1,019 more words