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Setting the Rules

Well it’s late and I’ve been doing homework and I just had an urge. At least in the short term, automatically opening the browser up to NoFap is at least deflecting the urges tonight. 328 more words


I Fell Off The Bandwagon Hard

Somewhere along the lines (I’m going to say probably about a month and a half ago) the culminating stresses of life hit me so hard that I relapsed in a big way and I haven’t been able to get back on the ‘NoFap/NoPorn’ train ever since. 270 more words


Yes, I did it...

So I wanted to do a post about masturbation.

And then I went, oooh, that might be a bit revealing, a bit too in your face…(not literally, that wouldn’t be masturbating would it?!) 523 more words

The Sunday Problem Page

Or what Mariella Frostrop should have said….

You may have seen this whorephobic piece of garbage in the guardian today, where any claims Frostrop makes about sex work are thrown into severe doubt by the lies she made about how google works. 846 more words

We are pleased to fill in the numbers for Male Actors.

Shortage of Male Actors for Porn

Take your time to read up on this articles mentioning that there are a shortage of Male Porn actors on the rise in the Japan. 96 more words