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Finding a new and sexy approach

I can’t remember the last thing I jerked off to. Oh wait yes I can. It was some chick having sex with a guy. I think it was one of those lady friendly porns. 636 more words

A Day In The Life

The female ejaculation.

Ah the female ejaculation, Myth or real?

It has been debated since the dawn of man; from men down the pub to the scientists in the lab. 1,412 more words


I hate when men can't admit they...

masturbate. My first response to a man when I hear that is, “Man! Are you serious?!” “Really?” “Man, you are a f**king fool, dude!” “Well, I guess that’s your problem.” “I must tell you that you are missing out on a very good thing.” 144 more words



“Hey, don’t knock masturbation. It’s sex with someone I love!”

Woody Allen


First Sight

The hot water beats down my back and neck in stark contrast to the cold tiles under my hand braced against the wall. My head has fallen forward watching my working hand sweep up and down my long, hard cock. 682 more words


Masturbation: Quick Tips for Reaching Orgasm!

While masturbation is accepted as natural behavior fulfilling our human needs, have you noticed how jokes, movies, song lyrics, and more discuss male masturbation frequently and rarely mention female masturbation? 288 more words

The dirty secret...

… no one wants to talk about. Masturbation. I wanna know what’s so bad about talking about it or doing it? It’s fun. Not to mention sometimes ya just gotta do it on your own. 126 more words