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Ska jag börja eller ska jag vänta?

Tankarna har snurrar, snurrat och snurrat i kväll och jag har funderat ännu mer. Inte bra för mig att få för mycket tid att börja tänka för mycket. 247 more words


oval wall print ~ Fairy Portal

This photograph was taken on a particularly foggy autumn morning.  The contrast of rusty-colored dried oak leaves and the ghostly-blue of the mist really drew my eye.  83 more words


oval wall print ~ Dream Flowers

Coming upon a field of these sweet little yellow flowers, I photographed the field as a whole, as well as getting right up close to see each petal. 91 more words


oval wall print ~ Busy Honey Bee

I was headed to my favorite bakery when I noticed this little guy in their flowerbed. I’d say he did no noticing in return, so focused was he on his task.  113 more words


oval wall print ~ Lone Oak Leaf

Living among the oaks, each autumn I can easily walk by, step on, and be generally oblivious to the millions of leaves they shed. But sometimes one leaf in particular will be set apart – as if needing to find a bit of solitude. 82 more words


CEOs of 2 of 24/7 Wall St.'s Worst-Run Companies Resign

The 24/7 Wall St. “America’s Worst Run Companies” story is less than five weeks old. Already the CEOs of two of the eight companies on the list have either resigned have been fired. 2,368 more words


Floor Mat Rental Companies in Maryland

Ask any facility manager, and he or she will likely agree with the notion that floor mats are vital in preventing slip and fall accidents. Dirty mats can have the opposite effect, however. 50 more words