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Five Things To Love About Buenos Aires

“You need to get out more often!”

Have you heard that expression before? Well, everybody have their own interpretation of it. But for me.. it makes me think more on a global scale in terms of getting out there in the world to see how other people live, what is important for them, what principles they value, what ideals and philosophy they preach, how they approach the same life problems or issues, what happiness means to them, how they describe their culture and what traditions or rituals make up their identity. 1,720 more words


"Teaching" our white suite mate how to "dance" to Mexican music

Dorm life is the best life!
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Best Boston Restaurants for Mexican Food
I am a huge fan of Mexican food. Anything spicy, really. 27 more words

Seasonal Soulmates

Seasonal Soulmates

The feeling you know someone from a past life and an incessant need to have them in your life makes you believe in Soulmates. 335 more words

E.M. Hansen

Sex, Love & Philosophy (quote)

“Sex without love is mating, love without sex is philosophy.”

attributed to: Unknown


My love

Oh my love. Where for art thou?
Seriously though. Where are you.. I’ve been waiting for that moment when I meet with you, my Mr. Right. 113 more words