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You probably heard me say (well if you know me in person or get to talk to me over the phone) these endless stream of likes: 646 more words


Material girl

Material things doesn’t make you happy but material things are useful. Like my most-prized possession.

In 2008 I bought a Canon EOS D40 SLR camera. 596 more words

About Me


Welcome, you have been invited to this site by a person who believes in your success.
Imagine having the resources you need to champion the cause of freedom and autonomy for the human race… 31 more words

A room for living

The living room in my house is a tricky space. The front door opens directly into it, with no foyer. It has a large picture window facing the street on the south wall, a fireplace on the east wall, a vaulted ceiling that makes the north wall 11 feet high, and a double-width entry to the dining area/ kitchen on the west wall. 773 more words

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Seek First The Kingdom

Christians are supposed to be in this world, but not of this world. Aliens on a mission … the great commission – go ye into the world and make disciples. 242 more words


Good Reads: Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed

All of America’s well-publicized problems, including obesity, depression, pollution and corruption are what it costs to create and sustain a trillion-dollar economy. For the economy to be “healthy”, America has to remain unhealthy.

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Me Year

Window 505 - peace from within

Inner peace becomes rattled when the distraction of material things take precedence over peace.
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