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The Minimalism

Tuesday, October, 21, 2014

Minimalism may sound new word to you, but it’s not new. It’s just not popular at current time but it will be someday. 325 more words

The Cares Of This World

I find it very scary how easy it is to be consumed by the cares of this world … deadlines, money, the opinions of others, ideas, the news, rumours …. 330 more words

The Word

Apakah Motivasi Kita Dalam Bekerja?

Salah satu hasrat alamiah kita sebagai manusia yaitu ingin mencapai sesuatu yang lebih dari apa yang telah kita capai saat ini. Tentunya, hal itu dilakukan dengan berbagai pertimbangan. 342 more words


Simple Girl In A Material World

Diamond rings, sparkling earrings, Tennis bracelets, Louie, Gucci, and all them other things. Don’t those seem like a girls dream?

A rich man, extravagant houses, fast cars, tiny poodles, maids, and cooks  472 more words

My Writing

I miss my bed.

I miss my bed the most.  And probably my vacuum.  Maybe sitting in my backyard, too.

I remember when my mom and I were packing my car; I felt so sad that I couldn’t bring so many things that I wanted to bring.  66 more words


Finding Satisfaction

How do you define satisfaction? When we think of satisfaction, many of us think of reaching goals at work, material possessions, money, or even power. We often link our success to satisfaction and vice-versa. 225 more words


What Really Matters



They’re important.

We need places to live.

Places to eat and sleep in.

Places to talk and laugh in.

A way to get to our jobs. 251 more words

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