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"Stone coffins behind a rather rusty fence" in London, UK

London, UK, images, silence, green spaces, trees, nature, green spaces, sarcophagi, stone coffins, cemetery, church yard, rust, corrosion, passing of time, material world, eternity 10 more words


The game of the good, the evil and the ignorant masses

I could have chosen also different terms instead of good, evil and ignorant. For example “The game of the Suras, the Asuras and the ignorant masses”. 1,890 more words

Spiritual Development

"You will not take birth again in the form of your sons and grandsons, like a sprout taking birth from a seed and then generating a new seed. Rather, you are entirely distinct from the material body and its paraphernalia, in the same way that fire is distinct from its fuel." SB 12.5.3

When fuel ignites we only see the fire and we soon forget about the fuel that is the cause of the fire. In the same way, once a body has been conceived, we become more interested with the body than the soul who is supporting and responsible for its cause. 311 more words



Every body Achieves the success if word hard. Like If consider students their achievement is got selected in MNC or any job during his Degree studies. 139 more words


House rules: Caring for Leather

It’s no secret that I’m not the biggest fan of leather furniture – I’d choose the fabric option any day, purely because I find it more comfortable. 545 more words

Material World

Equality of Presence

An organizational hierarchy can be a valuable asset. An increase in efficiency of the labor output as well as being a vehicle for quick and thorough communication, are just two of the benefits of hierarchy. 1,717 more words

Dear Nose, A Letter to My Least Liked Part

Dear Nose,

I write this letter to you so that we can have a better relationship. We’ve been through a lot, and I’ve realized that I have never really shown you the love that you deserve. 476 more words

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