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[Love In Lines] 9 Things Women In Their 30s Do Differently In Love - Deborah Tan

When it comes to Love, Deborah Tan admits she can be rather draconian in her handling of it. But this, she says, is something that comes with age. 1,287 more words

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Do Not Click On Jennifer Lawrence's Nude Pics - Vanessa Tai

Just because it’s there does not mean we’re entitled to look at them, says Vanessa Tai. 

By now, you’ve probably read the news about how an anonymous Internet user hacked into the Apple iCloud accounts of more than 100 female celebrities and uploaded their nude shots online. 664 more words

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[Press Trip] Meet The Game Changer In Skincare From Sulwhasoo - Deborah Tan

This month, change up your skincare regime with this all-new beauty concept from Sulwhasoo, South Korea’s No. 1 luxury cosmetic brand. Deborah Tan explains the Luminature Essential Finisher below. 878 more words

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I was right about the 80s Pop

It’s been a tough few days. There’s been a hell of a lot of tears, and some difficult decisions. I’ll tell you about that another day, because this is only a short commuting blog, and by some miracle, I did make the train, despite getting my arm stuck in the door (don’t try this at home folks). 191 more words

The Thirty-Something Crisis

10 Productivity Secrets You'll Wanna Steal - Vanessa Tai

Everyone has days (or even weeks) where you just lack the drive to get anything done. Of course, “not feeling it” is not a good enough reason to be inefficient. 830 more words

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This Is Way Better Than The Knee Defender - Deborah Tan

News about two warring passengers on United Airlines have brought a nifty gadget into the limelight – The Knee Defender. However, Deborah Tan would like to advocate the use of something else. 881 more words

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10 Things No One Told Me About Being My Own Boss - Deborah Tan

Deborah Tan thought she was ready for life as her own boss but little did she expect …

You can plan, plot and scheme all you want but diving into the world of entrepreneurship is like Forrest Gump with a box of chocolates – you never know what you’re going to get. 1,185 more words

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