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[Material Moms] This Crazy Lil' Thing Called Love - Elisa Woodward

One moment you are going, “I wish I were still single!”, the next you are going, “I love my kids to death!”. Don’t worry. You are not crazy. 566 more words

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[Love In Lines] Not All Men Are Jerks - Vanessa Tai

When a relationships sours or if you’ve been betrayed by someone you love, it’s easy to write off the entire opposite sex as callous jerks. But that’s just a one-way street to Bitter Town. 950 more words

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Just Like Buses...

You know that old saying, you wait ages for a bus to come and then three come along at once? Well have you ever wondered what happens when there’s more than one bus? 702 more words

3 Interview Mistakes You May Not Know You're Making - Vanessa Tai

Whether you’re seeking your first job or are planning a mid-career switch, it’s always helpful to have a few interview tricks up your sleeve. Vanessa Tai speaks to two recruitment experts on some less known interview no-no’s.  660 more words

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8 Awesome Airbnb Stays You May Not Know About - Deborah Tan

When traveling, we all want to fly cheap and stay at affordable, fabulous places with oodles of personality and character. These places, listed on Airbnb, are what you’ll want to check out for that getaway coming right up after this F1 weekend. 689 more words

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WPC: Inside

INSIDE (Meredith): We’ve moved. To Sydney. Two months in, and we’ve come a long way (yes, in both senses).

We’ve found and moved into a house. 442 more words

Weekly Photo Challenge

Lessons in Life (and Nail Polish Remover)

Today I have been taught a lesson in planning and preparation. Have you ever heard of the five Ps? Prior preparation prevents piss poor performance. Well it’s true. 853 more words