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Societal Collapse

Extravagance of desire is the fundamental cause which has led the world into its present predicament.

Fast rather than slow, more rather than less- this flashy “development” is linked directly to society’s impending collapse.

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Cities have a strange affect on me. The noise, people, cars, smells, buildings and a constant bombardment of advertisements and shopping malls attempt to pull me back in to the madness that is the ever-growing, capitalist, free-market economy.

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Simplifying Life

The Motley Play of the World and its Dialectical Relativity

In this motley play of the world, if we may so call the sum of existents, there is nowhere a firm footing to be found: everything bears an aspect of relativity, conditioned by and conditioning something else. 14 more words


The Cost of Living

The cost of living! Quite an unusual concept when you really think about it. Why is there a cost of living? Why do we have to pay to be alive?

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Simplifying Life

A Materialist Critique of Cosmopolitanism: Part Seven

Legutko wrote regarding Pogge’s project for global reform that there is a ‘global regime’ and that Marxism is the best-known theory to explain its birth and existence, the traces of which theory ‘are easily identifiable’ in Pogge’s writing.57… 545 more words


Lenin: The Theory of Knowledge of Empirio-Criticism and of Dialectical Materialism

Sensations and Complexes of Sensations

For every scientist who has not been led astray by professorial philosophy, as well as for every materialist, sensation is indeed the direct connection between consciousness and the external world; it is the transformation of the energy of external excitation into the fact of consciousness. 149 more words