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Lenin: Empirio-criticism and historical materialism - part three

China’s Chang’e 3 with rover Jade Rabbit landed on lunar surface 14.12.13

Parties in Philosophy and Philosophical Blockheads (continued)

Entirely in the spirit of Marx, and in close collaboration with him, Engels in all his philosophical works briefly and clearly contrasts the materialist and idealist lines in regard to all questions, without, either in 1878, or 1888, or 1892, taking seriously the endless attempts to “transcend” the “one-sidedness” of materialism and idealism, to proclaim a new trend – some kind of “positivism”, “realism”, or other professorial charlatanism. 213 more words


Christmas Countdown

We are bombarded with advertisements all year round, but exactly one month until the big day, I am noticing the holiday is becoming more celebrated than than ever…. 504 more words


Lenin: the recent revolution in natural science, and philosophical idealism - part five

“Matter has disappeared” (continued)

Materialism and idealism differ in their answers to the question of the source of our knowledge and of the relation of knowledge (and of the “mental” in general) to the physical world; while the question of the structure of matter, of atoms and electrons, is a question that concerns only this “physical world”. 260 more words


Lenin: the recent revolution in natural science, and philosophical idealism

Engels says explicitly that “with each epoch-making discovery even in the sphere of natural science [“not to speak of the history of mankind”], materialism has to change its form” (Ludwig Feuerbach, German edition, p.  293 more words


Reply to Moshe

Hello Moshe,

Thank you for your kind reply. I agree, the world will never be perfect – far from it. We are animals, not gods. But each one of us has the greatest product of nature yet known to us, a powerhouse, between our ears. 207 more words


Patriarchal reason and dreaming: lucid dreaming

ABC Radio National/All in The Mind/Dreams-the lucid experience 02.11.14

Stephen La Berge: The first thing is that people definitely like lucid dreaming, they find it a rewarding experience. 498 more words


second starfish on the right

None of my handmade things have sold since those first five hula hoops and eleven cat toys last month. That was almost enough to cover my materials. 1,016 more words

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