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Not your average post.

My daughter is an absolute miracle to me. Without her, I would be completely lost. When I found out I was pregnant with her, my life completely turned around. 577 more words



With love we’re born slow / Maternal in its glow!
So guided with passion show / What beneath I now bestow.
My hands sometimes pretend / Our generations transcend! 169 more words



So, I had stated in one of my first posts that I was beyond excited to have a little girl because I would get to play dress up, buy nothing but pink, ribbons, and bows, and play with baby dolls. 675 more words


Angie Lee; William Zhu; Tiffany Hoang: Hanoi, Vietnam


Younji (Angie) Lee UG ’17; William Zhu UG ’15; Tiffany Hoang MED

Institute for Population, Health, and Development (PHAD)

Hanoi, Vietnam



Greetings from Hanoi, Vietnam! 2,178 more words

Stress and motherhood

This post is pretty impromptu and it’s the first time I’m using my phone to make a post. Not really a fan but I feel like this needs to be said. 396 more words


Single-Parent Dating.

Dating is hard, folks. Dating when you’re a single parent is a thousand times harder. When you have a child, your dating options become pretty slim pickins. 587 more words

Single parenting at its best.

So, we ended last time with me being a newly made single momma.

Single parenting is one thing I am 100% passionate about. I know there are tons of arguments saying a child should have two parents at all times. 566 more words