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Maternal Instincts

I always knew that I wanted to be a Mum. It took longer than I imagined, but now my son is here, it feels like I’ve never been without him. 447 more words


Preconception, medications, pregnancy..

Many pregnant women are reluctant to take any medication during their pregnancy for risk of harming their unborn child. Doctors will often recommend that women stop taking a certain medication during their first trimester (first 12 weeks of pregnancy) while the various organs within the baby are forming. 177 more words

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52/52 Week 4: Closest to my birthday, or, being your own cousin

On the face of it, this week’s challenge (“Closest to your birthday”) was a toughie, and I was digging for material. Thankfully, my family tree software can pull date reports so I could easily see the people in my tree who shared my birthday. 831 more words

52 Weeks

Get ready, get pregnant (in that order)..

There is a Chinese proverb about three doctors:

  • the superior doctor prevents sickness
  • the mediocre doctor attends to the impending sickness
  • the inferior doctor treats the sickness…
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You are you and I am me

To say I’ve always wanted to be a mother is a complete understatement. I have always had a very strong maternal instinct when it came to children and always wistfully daydreamed about the day I would get to have my own. 474 more words

52/52 Week 3: "The aunts, the dolls, and the babies she had lost" (Tough Woman)

This could equally be dedicated to a “tough man”, her husband and my second-great-grandfather Charles Eddy Wells, but the category this week was “tough woman”. I’m not sure there is any tougher thing to have to deal with than the death of one child — and Lena Minerva Gaskill Wells, my maternal second-great-grandmother, had to deal with losing far more than that. 1,022 more words

52 Weeks