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The maternal conundrum


Sometimes we want them to get lost, stop interfering and giving advice, and to stop implying what we should do/be.
Other times, we limp, bruised and bloodied, into their laps, for the kind of hugs that nobody else can give. 165 more words


Annie: The Baker

I spent a while trying to decide from which side to tell this story.

Annie was born in 1875 to James and Rachel; the couple’s second daughter, and third child of six before Mum’s death in 1880 when Annie was five. 758 more words


Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

C’mon, you knew there would be awful puns all up in here.

So, yes. Tracing the family tree was always an interest to me; I remember sitting with Nan making crude trees after she found a box of black-and-white pictures. 189 more words


The First Four-Letter Word of Parenting: LOVE

LOVE:  First four letter word of Parenting.  It encompasses every feeling and thought you have ever felt.  It is peacefulness, joy, radiance, overwhelming feelings of protection that are born so deep within, its origin is a mystery but it lies somewhere inside your children’s eyes, a recognition from one soul to the other akin a familiarity transcending our realm of reality and what we know as our universe, invisible yet palpable chords that are struck with every smile or soft caress or just the indescribable contentment a mother feels while holding said offspring.  17 more words


Reasons I can't wait to be a Mum :)

Mum and I about 14 years ago – goofy teeth and cute school uniform say it all :)

So, I’m only 20, but my maternal instinct has been burning away since far too early in my teens for me to even express. 197 more words

2. Alexander Lennie: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier...

In the last 7 days, the Lennie line of my tree has appeared and expanded quite nicely. One of 3 Alexander Lennie’s in my lineage, this Alexander is my great-great-great-grandfather (the other 2 Alexander’s being his father and one of his sons). 308 more words

Family Tree

Paternal psychological response after ultrasonographic detection of structural fetal anomalies with a comparison to maternal response: a cohort study

Citation Kaasen A, Helbig A, Malt UF, Naes T, Skari H, Haugen GN. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. 2013 Jul 12;13(1):147.

BACKGROUND: In Norway almost all pregnant women attend one routine ultrasound examination. 333 more words