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Bursting at the Seams

While I’ve somehow managed to hide my pregnancy so far… it’s getting tougher and tougher every day. I haven’t gained much weight yet, but what I have gained is firmly ensconced around my midsection and has made it so that I can’t really close any of my work pants anymore. 297 more words


Is maternity a dirty word?

There are many euphemisms for being pregnant, many of which are widely used today. These range from the quaintly dated (‘with child’, ‘in the family way’, ‘expecting’), through to jocular modern metaphor (‘up the duff’, ‘knocked up’, ‘a bun in the oven’). 911 more words

Vintage maternity - yes please!

If vintage is your thing, east London–based maternity clothing co In Pig has a small but interesting line of vintage-inspired items that could help keep you feeling like yourself.

Bump Fashion

I can’t believe I have yet to write anything about fashion on this here blog ;) 

Well as my bump grows, my love for cute-style finds has yet to dwindle. 242 more words


How To Dress When Pregnant (25 Weeks)

This bump is growing by the day. Here is a selection of the outfits I have worn over the last week or so. I am trying to stay colourful and comfortable. 30 more words

Maternity Clothes: Dressing For Your Pregnancy

Are you a mom-to-be? You must be relishing the life of a baby inside you. You must be the happiest woman on the earth right now! 856 more words

Pregnancy Miracle