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Day 63

This morning, I was searching through the AppStore and stumbled upon YikYak; a terrible idea populated (as near as I can tell) by college students who make clear the generational gap between the technologically savvy and the technologically inseparable. 250 more words

Women friendly hoodies

Have you ever tried to find a fitted hoodie for a women? Not an easy feat! Most are baggie with little to no shape. Since it is a sunny 43° today I thought it is the perfect time to showcase these fab finds! 71 more words

Everything Else

Pregnancy Body Types

Some people would say that your belly shape would define the sex of the baby. The true is that the belly shape has nothing to do with the gender of your child, its genetics. 150 more words


Looking good after baby

Yes, you can look gorgeous after giving birth, you only need to be aware of some smart fashion choices.

The Black Magic
— Wear black ….head-to-toe! 186 more words


Maternity Clothing

How to dress for your trimester

1st Trimester
When you don’t want anyone to know yet and still want to keep it secret.
—Avoid everything that is petty or clingy… 240 more words


5 Tips to Help You Pack for Paris When You're Pregnant

So you’ve decided to go to Paris during your pregnancy. Huzzah! Allow me to commend you on your excellent decision-making skills.

I was 14-18 weeks pregnant when I spent the month of September in Paris. 941 more words


Shopping for maternity clothing? Tips for being the best dressed mommy-to-be

The world went crazy with Kate Middleton’s first pregnancy, noting every single maternity look. And with another royal on the way, this time around is no different. 41 more words