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22 week pregnancy update...... Kicking baby!!


The highlight of this past week has got to be that the baby’s kicks are getting a LOT stronger and my hubby finally got to feel lots of little baby kicks! 303 more words


(Not) Lookin' Good

My parents have a crazy amount of magazine subscriptions, some “reward” for redeeming points of one kind or another.

There are several fashion type rags, “Glamour”, “InStyle”, “Vogue”. 368 more words


Week 17: Hello 2015!

This week was filled with ongoing holiday cheer, an impromptu New Year’s Eve celebration at our home, and spending lots of incredible time with little Isla. 294 more words


The pregnant runner's guide

There are lots of things that you learn about running. There are a whole new set of things to learn about running while pregnant. Here are a few essential tips and observations. 1,189 more words

20 week update...... I'm (finally) back!!

Hello there!
After 7 weeks of not blogging I have finally come to my senses! So much has changed with my pregnancy since my last update! 452 more words


What to Wear When Pregnant: 1st Trimester

#1 Goal: Concealment.

For many women, concealing pregnancies is often the main goal when dressing during the first trimester. Various reasons include the health and safety of the unborn baby to breaking the news at work. 904 more words


What to Wear When Pregnant: Preparing Your Wardrobe

For many women, discovering they’re pregnant heralds the beginning of a wondrous and magical time in one’s life. It is also the beginning of a period categorised by dramatic changes in a relatively short period of time that turns our worlds upside down. 757 more words