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Maternity Wear - The Joys!

I’ve had a few people ask me now about what I suggest in terms maternity wear. I guess since I’m on pregnancy #2 I can safely say I have had enough experience, but I can only recommend what worked for me (which isn’t necessarily what would work for someone else). 803 more words


13 Week Update.........there is a baby in my belly!

Hello there! So yesterday I had my first ultrasound scan. It was a very exciting day for so many reasons!! Here’s how it went:

We arrived at the hospital (my hubby took the day off work!) and first I was weighed……we won’t talk about that!! 758 more words


There's a Party in my Pants!

Personally, I’m very disappointed that no one has told me about it before. I’ve blithely gone through life without knowing the feeling of true bliss. 380 more words


11 Week Pregnancy Update…….I have a BUMP…(already!)

I actually cannot believe that I am already 11 weeks pregnant! In so many ways it feels like I won’t have my baby for about 2 years and I literally cannot imagine giving birth….but it other ways the time is going so fast! 726 more words


WInter is coming.. & I'm not ready!!

Oh the woes of finding a winter coat that I can fasten all the way down!  This is not a fun search!  I have been relying on my normal coats from before my weight loss up to now, but it’s getting to the point where I have to leave the last buttons/toggles undone to accommodate my ever growing bump.  392 more words

The highs and lows of shopping for the waistband challenged

One of the most surprising things I found as a newlybump shopaholic was just how little choice available there was in maternity clothing.  I had always been under the impression that since so many of us find ourselves in this position at any and all times of the year, there must be vast ranges of maternity clothing everywhere! 735 more words

I've got that first post feeling!

Hello everyone! Oh I do love a shiny new blog, don’t you? I always find it difficult to think of what to write in that first post though.  423 more words