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Building a Foundation of Number Sense PK-2 with Suzanne Bazak

The Institute is announcing another preconference workshop that we believe will be most beneficial to parents and teachers.  

Building A Foundation of Number Sense PK-2 with Suzanne Bazak… 479 more words

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Building Math Fluency Using Technology

Many teachers deal with the same recurring question each year – how to effectively integrate technology into the classroom? With so many mobile devices to choose from, it is easy to create interactive lessons and activities to engage a range of students in a variety of disciplines.  39 more words

Khan Academy Aligns with Common Core

Khan Academy is at it again!

Sal Khan used this year’s CUE conference to unveil his latest innovation in integrated technology and math instruction. According to Khan, this new initiative will “align the Common Core standards with adaptive (student centered) math exercises while also supporting teachers as they work to integrate the Common Core standards into their teaching.” This is very exciting news for educators looking for innovative ways to engage students in math while maintaining the Common Core standards. 72 more words

Pi Day Humor

Something funny to start your day. I hope everyone had a great Pi Day! tlb


Happy 3.14159265358979323846264 Day!: 7 Classroom Resources for Learning Pi|Edutopia

On Friday, March 14 – Students around the country will spend the day exploring the amazing world of Pi. As teachers in every grade level plan their activities, I’d like to share a diverse list of useful resources from the folks at… 68 more words