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EDMA 3000 Ideal Classroom Project

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O – Offer an organized and challenging curriculum.

To demonstrate a positive impact on student learning, teacher-candidates…

O1 – Offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes. 717 more words


Ideal Math Classroom Project

O1: offer an organized curriculum aligned to standards and outcomes. This means that I need to practice aligning my instruction to the learning standards and outcomes so all students know the learning goals and their progress toward meeting them. 511 more words


* Math 301

In David Sousa’s book “How The Brain Learns Mathematics,” he cites researchers who have found that number sense is not intrinsic but can be shaped though both formal and informal activities.   582 more words


* Teaching: tyranny of the urgent

Tutoring students in a one-to-one setting without typical classroom constraints has its advantages.  I enjoy being able to select appropriate materials, tailor activities to student interests, and address skills without the pressure of teaching the core curriculum.   520 more words

EC Philosophy And Issues

* Math Struggles 201

I am enjoying another Corwin Press book on brain-based teaching: How The Brain Learns Mathematics.  In David Sousa’s chapter on identifying math difficulties, he first suggests that teachers analyze the type of math instruction being provided and consider other environmental issues before determining that a child has an actual disability.   428 more words


* Math: homeschooling kids with attention problems

In response to a question, here are some strategies I have found effective when teaching math to kids with attention problems.

1.  Make sure you complete adequate assessment  476 more words


* Math struggles 101

There’s not enough time!  No, this post isn’t about learning to tell time.  It’s about helping special needs kids catch up in math.  I have found it far easier to assist kids in “jumping” a couple of years in reading than making equivalent gains in math.   410 more words