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How many people are frustrated by zippers right now?

My compañero Jesse here estimates he’s been frustrated by zippers for a total of 50 minutes in his lifetime. He figures there have been about 50 separate frustrating zipper events with an average of one minute each – some extra frustrating, some very brief. 213 more words

rules for tipping

Always tip people who touch something you are about to eat.


You Know the Manure Has Hit the Rotating Air-moving Device When...

When a major news organization (NPR in this case) makes reference to mathematics. And not just reference to second-grade mathematics, but actually uses the term “exponentially.” Things must really be bad, if they have to stretch their tiny little minds around 6th-grade math. 277 more words


"I can't math."

This, ladies and gentlemen, cracks me up and depresses me all at once. Kudos to Tanya Chen at Buzzfeed for this gem.

The responses to this test are hilarious and shameful, but I enjoyed this post all the same. 28 more words


Can't See the 4est for the 3s

There is much to despair over in a society that is more reliant on numbers than letters. The general belief that an individual is no more than a fourteen-digit ID code or worth a denomination plagues modern civilizations more so than all of the so-called issues that are being broadcasted about every day. 1,361 more words

Ad Nauseam

Everyone & Their Mother Hates Math

Everyone who has taken a math class knows the roller coaster effect your emotions play during lecture.

First you understand the problems because like all aspects of math, it builds on itself. 167 more words