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Brick walls and old inadequacies...

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Well, I started my Environmental Economics class off with much excitement in December.  I thought to myself, “this class will be so cool; I will learn allot about economics and the environment, it will be really helpful with my future goals.”   At first the professor was talking about supply & demand, using examples of environmental topics like water supply and oil reserves to illustrate the economic principles.   612 more words

A Salt of the Earth

Ah, the temperature drops, the streets are snow-white, and the crisp air is ripe with the marine scent of brine. It’s not that the ocean spray is very prominent in the middle of a suburban city, but the sheer amount of road salt being dumped on the streets each day has managed to bleach the ground white. 805 more words

Ad Nauseam

Dear WordPress: Please Learn to Math

I wasn’t planning on posting twice today, but I am noticing a disturbing trend with the stats on the WP 2014 reports.  I just caught it today on another blog, but now every time one of y’all posts a report, I am figuring things out for the heck of it. 294 more words


Sprint Exec Admits That "Half-Off" Offer Will Likely Only Result In Savings Of Around 20%

Earlier this week, Sprint introduced a new offer for current Verizon and AT&T customers looking to switch service — same amount of data at half the price. 316 more words