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I didn't always like math...

If anyone had told me 20,10, or even 5 years ago that I would consider math a hobby or even write a blog about math, I would have told them that they were out of their mind! 585 more words

Verizon Realizes 2 Years And 12 Months Are Not The Same Thing

Months after Chromebook Pixel owners began complaining that they had been shortchanged on the free Verizon Wireless data that was supposed to be included in the purchase price of their laptops, and days after national news reports called out Big V for its failure to understand how calendars and contracts work, the company has finally admitted that it screwed up and will be doing something vaguely nice to make up for it. 287 more words

Google Makes Up For Verizon's Bad Math, Offers $150 To Screwed-Over Chromebook Owners

Earlier this week, the mathletes at Verizon were caught once again making up their own rules about the meaning of the quantity “2 years.” People who had bought Chromebook Pixel laptops under the illusion that the promised two years of free 100MB/month of wireless data were suddenly finding out that Verizon was only giving them one year. 244 more words