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Unique Learning Styles


It was difficult knowing what to expect when I registered for Visualizing Mathematics this Fall.

Math has always been an intimidating subject for me, so I approached the topic with a bit of apprehension.  632 more words

Educational Light Cube: Sorting Manipulatives

Getting students to sort manipulatives is a double-duty task. While they sort and differentiate between the objects in front of them, students get to exercise their fine motor skills, too! 266 more words


Pi Are Squared

Pie are not squared. Pie are round. Cornbread are squared.


Amazing Students Achievement

One of our students, Sam, was ecstatic when she found out that she had successfully found the inverse of a several-step college algebra exercise. This is just one of the many, “Wow I can do it!” moments that students of Miles of Success Tutoring have during their time with us. 29 more words


Fish Tank - 'Friends'

Biffy vibes, buckets of energy, raging outro riffs, and one of the most random videos I’ve seen this side of Baby Godzilla’s YouTube channel. All of my yes is being given to Fish Tank right now. 21 more words


Math Geeks: A Touch of Euler

Now, maybe you’ve never thought of math equations as “beautiful,” but look at that result: It combines the five most fundamental numbers in math—0, 1, e, i, and π—in a relation of irreducible simplicity.

66 more words
Fun Read

Save the Children Responses in ECCD Necessities

During the internship for the Early Childhood Care and Development Program (ECCD) promoted by Save the Children International SCI, I had the opportunity to understand the main necessities and priorities of some countries in the early childhood field and the types of actions/responses offered by this International Organization to improve the live of children in those countries.

Analysis of demands and responses

Children’s Development