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Wracking my brain (for fun)

This caught my eye on a whiteboard near a math professor’s office yesterday: A(x-1) + B(x+2) = x

I was busy, running around setting up a projector which was missing a cord (and still is) for my seminar class. 477 more words

Science And Teaching

The Fault In My Feels

Yeah, I’m in the midst of saying awful farewells to some of my beloved films and music and series in my hard drive . And even though there’s still 52.3 GB free space, I kinda needed to learn how to let go of things that I think are unnecessary. 483 more words

Comment your answers below…….Right answers with description will be revealed at the very end though! :)

Funny Puzzles

P is for People

For as long as I can remember, I have professed to all that have listened, “I hate people”. I think most people have said it at least once…at least, I assume most people have said it…now I’m not so sure. 877 more words

A long hike with no trail

Of course, the most rewarding part is the “Aha” moment, the excitement of discovery and enjoyment of understanding something new – the feeling of being on top of a hill and having a clear view.

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