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Earth and Moon Comparisons Activity

This is a great hands on activity to get students thinking about the size of the Earth compared to the Moon, distance, and rotation vs. revolution. 231 more words

Earth Science

Life: The purpose of life edition

“I may think socializing is a way to waste time,” Zhang says. “Also, maybe I’m a little shy.” [. . .]

Seven days a week, he arrives at his office around eight or nine and stays until six or seven.

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Week of February 2 - 6

We will be learning about decimal numbers and money.

With the upcoming end of the second term, as expected, the students will be evaluated on the math competencies. 25 more words


What Happens if We Make a Mistake?

My husband Phil and I have been involved in this great program called Cool Little Kids.  It’s Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for young children (3-6) that are experience signs of anxious behaviour.   404 more words


Standard P1

Standard P1 states, “Practice intentional inquiry and planning for instruction.” To me, I believe that we as teachers need to make an effort to prepare for out lessons ahead of time and think about possible outcomes. 298 more words

Fibonacci sequence used visually

What is that? Becky Ferreira explains at Motherboard:

The geometric beauty of the Fibonacci sequence is frequently expressed in nature, from the fractal growth of plants to the spiral arms of galaxies…

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Prime numbers and the story behind a proof

Very intriguing article in the New Yorker by Alec Wilkinson about Yitang Zhang, “a solitary, part-time calculus teacher at the University of New Hampshire who received several prizes, including a MacArthur award in September, for solving a problem that had been open for more than a hundred and fifty years.” 238 more words