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Hard Question 3


Write a method to randomly generate a set of m integers from an array of size n. Each element must have equal probability of being chosen. 131 more words

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Reading the Comics, September 15, 2014: Are You Trying To Overload Me Edition

One of the little challenges in writing about mathematics-themed comics is one of pacing: how often should I do a roundup? Posting weekly, say, helps figure out a reasonable posting schedule for those rare moments when I’m working ahead of deadline, but that leaves the problem of weeks that just don’t have anything. 992 more words


Word of the day for Monday, September 15th

Math is a lot easier these days. In the past when you wanted to say “2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2 times 2,” instead of saying “2 to the eighth power,” you had to say, “2… 10 more words


The Anwers of Student Dawkins to a High School Math Quiz

Richard Dawkins has extensively discussed arithmetic. The theme of The God Delusion is that there is an arithmetical solution to the improbability of evolution in a one-off event, namely gradualism, whereas there is no arithmetical solution to the improbability of God. 1,979 more words


An Open Letter to My Mother

If you get a call saying I’ve failed math, I want you to know it was because of composite functions.

~Your sorry daughter


Laws of Exponents 09/15

Key Information and guided step-by-step procedures go only for Page 450 Questions 9, 11 and 13

The Symbol ^ means exponents

Page 450

9. (5y)^4… 114 more words