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mri of pineapple

this speeded-up mri of a pineapple was imaged at boston university medical school and a few of the images were published on mashable.com. i particularly like the tomato.gif. 66 more words


ModMath: An App Helping Kids with Dyslexia and Dysgraphia

“Make sure you line up your place values.” This is a phrase I utter over and over in the classroom and write on countless papers. For some kids, it just takes a little practice to remember this step. 487 more words


Geometry. Equations. I like them. You don't.

Geometry students weren’t too happy today.  I gave them a quiz on their ability to memorize a billion formulas for areas and then the circumference. 2,302 more words

Frequencies by Matrix Partition

The Guyan reduction is often used to extract frequencies of a large system. As the Guyan reduction is a one-term approximation in the Gauss elimination with matrix partition, validity of the Guyan reduction depends on Cauchy’s convergence criterion. 33 more words


Device Smash: Sphero Robot Used in Geometry Lesson

This is an example of how I used the Sphero robot to teach my students about programming and geometry. They programmed the robot to make a square with the Sphero Macro Lab app as well as programming Sphero to change colors everytime it made a 90 degree turn. 68 more words


1 + 1 = Friends

“Guys, if you need to know anything,” I said to my nephews and niece as I twisted around to face them in the back of my Mom’s silver Crossover, “ask her – she is so smart.” … 245 more words

Amusing Anecdotes