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Exponential Functions!

Mr. Bishara is tutoring Steph in Algebra II, Exponential Functions! 


0.999999.... equals 1, or, mathematics hates your intuitive interpretation of numbers

I’m back after a week of programming a nonsensical multithreaded program in Java that works about every 7 out of 8 times that I run it. 931 more words


New Quiz Question 4/19. Expires 4/19 at 11PM. Bet now to win big by hitting that PayPal button.

Question:  Five people witnessed a murder and they each gave a slightly different description of the suspect.  Which description is most likely to be correct? 237 more words

Oulipost #18: Homoconsonantism

Today is day 18 of Ouliposting…and it was one of those more “surreal” challenges where I just had to follow the rules and let the words come as they may…there’s obviously some interesting word choices, but as an overall poem, it’s not my favorite of the month…! 259 more words

Lylanne Musselman

P is for Pleiades (and Parabola)

For today’s installment of the A-to-Z challenge, I offer a bit of my mathematical background. The poetic form is pleiades with origins in the constellation Taurus. 118 more words



This week,I’ve learned alot from taking on my consumer math project and even though it was vacation that didn’t stop my determination. I don’t know if its the lack of writing or pure laziness that put me in this stump but i do know for sure that moping around and stressing about it isn’t the way to go. 282 more words

GSB 420 - Math is Done for Now! and Statistics Isn't as much fun as Fantasy Baseball

I can’t emphasize how ironic it is to me that I’m getting an MBA at times. I’m just not a math guy. This doesn’t mean I’m weak at math, however I wouldn’t consider it a strength, but taking a class that is strictly focusing on crunching numbers and solving equations without a purpose other than solving for the correct number isn’t terribly stimulating to me. 863 more words