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Multiplication tables: a necessary evil

I work with mostly Asian students in an American school environment. This can be a win-win situation for students. They get best of both worlds. Almost all of the students are bilingual and some of them are comfortable with more than three languages. 327 more words

Telling Time Go Fish

I love to teach MATH!  I think the best part of math is watching when the little light bulb goes on above the kids heads.  Those “Ah Ha!” moments are the ones that I live for.   364 more words



Review: Sections 1.1-1.3

Readhttp://www.mathsisfun.com/numbers/imaginary-numbers.html  Work through the sample problems at the end.

Write: Continue with the definitions of underlined terms and laws.  94 more words

7th Grade

Challenge 3: Train the Brain

uhh…uhhh….What was I going to say again?…uhhhhh

Let’s be honest, that happens to everyone once in a while. At my 18 years of age, I should be at the peak of my mental capability; however, sometimes, I just can’t put those thoughts into words. 234 more words


118 words

In cars again. In planes and trains, small hotel rooms and halls with podiums held by balding men in ties. It’s always numbers they talk about. 105 more words

The Most Magical Time of Day

6:28 should be τ (Tau) Time because τ = 2π which means twice the dessert!


Fear of Math

I was doing an internship in my third year of college where I went to a junior high school a few times a week to work with students in an Algebra 1 class. 604 more words