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Spontaneous, Illogical Opportunities

I was on Facebook today and an advertisement popped up. It was for an agency that hires people to teach English to kids France. You’d live in France (obviously) and work as a teacher/ nanny for one or several families. 532 more words

Sharpen with confidence

Call me old fashioned, but I love solving math problems or sketching using a regular lead HB pencil and I have never had a sharpener that sharpened my pencils fast and without the lead breaking. 179 more words


Welcome Grade 5 and 6 Students and Family!

I am thrilled to have this edublog up and running so that you can have a place to see what we have done and what is up and coming in our classroom! 199 more words


Design engineer and ASIJ graduate Taiei Harimoto works with students

In late April we welcomed back ASIJ graduate Taiei Harimoto (class of ’05) who is currently working for Proximity, a Myanmar-based company that designs affordable solutions for local farmers. 223 more words

High School

Freaky Coincidence Time

As I have blogged about before, I have been reading the dictionary two pages a day for just over two years. I have definitely not been doing it consistently since I would have been done long ago if I had. 133 more words

Life Experiences

Manitoba Education Minister takes a swipe at Alberta's "not as successful" math curriclum

The Great Canadian Math Debate, Pt 38: Manitoba shows Alberta and Ontario the way to recovery …

More than a year ago, the Manitoba government dumped major elements of the discovery/inquiry elementary math curriculum that it had  developed and shared with Alberta. 1,522 more words

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