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Wish I'd kipped on the banquette at Nellie Dean's

Our next port of call was Inverness and then on to our Airbnb stay in the Western Highlands.  This was the view from the train en route to Inverness. 1,142 more words


Milo's Math

Milo is working through Math Focus 4. He has completed the following chapters and the learning outcomes related to them:

  • Patterns in Mathematics
  • Numeration
  • Addition and Subtraction…
  • 54 more words

Mattea's Math

Mattea is working through Jump Math 2.1. She has worked through Number Sense and Patters and Algebra. She has covered the learning outcomes for these areas but will work through the book and address them again for mastery in the next book. 96 more words


Christmas Maths / Math Resources

OK, so it’s not Christmas YET, and I know it’s still November, but for the next seven days leading up to December 1st I’ll be posting Christmas lesson ideas (and resources) that I’ve written over the last two weeks. 271 more words


Kindergarten Counting Ideas That Will Give You The Chills

 I love all things winter and am especially fond of snowflakes.  The amount of winter themed mathematics lesson plans available to teachers these days are as numerous, creative, and unique as the snowflakes that fall from the sky.  401 more words


The power in De Moivre's formula

The power in De Moivre’s formula need not be restricted to an integer only. In fact, it can be any number, rational or irrational, real or complex. 6 more words


Middle school math, continued

Me, aloud: “What should I write about tonight?”

Lisa: “Lisa!”

Challenge accepted.

Another evening of supervising/coaching/cheer leading middle school math homework. They’re focusing on simplifying expressions where there is subtraction of a subexpression in parenthesis. 301 more words