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The Pizza Theorem

(A screenshot from this video about the pizza theorem.)
Let’s have an internet show of hands, who likes pizza? Or, rather, who doesn’t like pizza? Pizza is a favorite among many, and so it’s kind of unsurprising (in hindsight) how there exists a whole theorem about it. 436 more words


Thank You, Swedish Soldiers

This morning, Jasper was very excited about breakfast, because I had told him he could make his breakfast in the Swedish army mess kit (which, by the way, is a genius design). 304 more words

Engineering Riddle - No. 1

I may cross once, I may cross twice, I may cross never, but never thrice.

When starting up, I finish down, I finish up, when starting down. 100 more words


Free Calendar Template and Paint Chip Dry Erase Friendly Calendar

Color Coded Calendar Template – Free Printable

Our color coded calendar has been amazing at teaching my child the concepts of days, months and years. When she asks when we are doing something, until recently, I would explain that today is the blue day and we go swimming on the pink day. 60 more words


Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday! Here are five of my current favorites inspired from personal experience and the web.

Favorite Card (from my hubby):
I came home to this funny and sweet card from Jason last night. 140 more words


Number Sequencing with Lego Duplos and Flip Tab Numbers

Using my manipulatives from Lego Duplo Math Cubes and Flip Tab Numbers, I have my daughter, every few months, attempt to put all the tabs in order to match the Legos. 79 more words

Math Manipulatives