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New App Does Math Problems With Your Camera Phone! [VIDEO]

We already have calculators to help solve math problems but this new app is way better! You take a pic of a math problem and not only does the app give you the answer- it shows you how to get the answer too! 59 more words


Bad at math? A new app could help solve equations for you

(CNN) – Say it with us: Kids today have it so easy.

A new smartphone app will do their math homework for them, provided it’s not too complicated. 164 more words

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Pumpkin Fun!

Here are some pumpkin-themed ideas,
Taken from Universal Preschool.com by: Diane Flynn Keith

Pumpkins are a big part of the landscape at this time of year and will remain so through the Thanksgiving holiday. 363 more words


Holy Cross, 5:56 a.m.

perfect representation— the map is not the territory— ceci n’est pas une pipe— the structure is too rich to be captured. I am daydreaming. 1,131 more words



Today we played with playing cards during math.  We used the ace through 10 cards.  One group played the game Top-It (variation of war) and the other group played Trash.   219 more words


A new shirt-challenger appears!

I present to you the two-sided logic/literacy test. You don’t even have to talk to that person to know whether they’re rational. If they understand your shirt, it’s all good. 7 more words