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Aiding a Confused Parent with Arrays

Found on Twitter with the caption: “kids can’t learn 6×8= 48 anymore its now 6×8=(5+1)x8 Why the confusing work”

Dear Confused Parent,

The picture you posted comes from a Powerpoint made by EngageNY to help teachers teach Grade 3, Module 3, Lesson 10.   371 more words

Common Core

'Twas the day before break...

My goal for my Geometry classes today was to be as mathematically productive as possible, given that it was the last day of classes before break. 593 more words


Complex Power of a Complex Number

We propose to use Euler’s formula instead of De Moivre’s formula to evaluate the complex power of a complex number. We decide not to use De Moivre’s formula to avoid the controversy of whether De Moivre’s formula would fail when the power is not an integer. 28 more words


Gracie & Friends Lemonade Stand in the Apple App Store!

Lemonade Stand App Preview

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With the launch of four apps focused on subitizing (instantly recognizing how many there are of something), Gracie and Friends is proud to announce the first of four apps that help preschoolers develop their skills in equipartitioning! 204 more words


More Math in River Classroom

Last Wednesday was a particularly snowy one in the Espanola Valley. Fortunately for us, schools were open, and we were able to host River Classroom at NMWC! 523 more words

Experiential Learning

Wilsons Theorem

Wisons Theorem says, that p is prime if and only if (p-1)!+1 is a multiple of p.

To prove this, we must show, that if (p-1)!+1 is a multiple of p, that then p is prime and that if p is prime, that then (p-1)!+1 is a multiple of p. 274 more words