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Sparse Fourier Transform

While researching for graduate school, I stumbled upon a pretty cool publication from MIT. It has to do with an improved computation of our beloved Fourier transform. 216 more words


Can Americans learn how to teach math in elementary schools?

Full disclosure: I once wrote textbooks for the “new math,” and specifically for the Greater Cleveland Mathematics Program. This was in 1962-63, and years later as director of admissions I talked with a student who had gone through the program. 645 more words


Why this rolling circle of dots is more than it seems

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A video of eight dots rolling along a circle is more than first meets the eye.

YouTube user brusspup, who creates videos of optical illusions, uploaded the video Monday. 209 more words


WAR 25, Part VII: The 25 Best MLB Position Players of the 1930′s

I’ve decided to start ranking the best MLB players per decade, using their WAR number. I figured I’d compile all this in an ongoing series, as I couldn’t find anywhere online that ranked players by WAR by decade. 232 more words


Not Actually About What Programming "Is"

Alright, so there were some blog posts going around recently that were about how “programming isn’t math” and all that. The main two I’m thinking of are… 621 more words

Animated Pythagorean Theorem

Based on Euclid’s proof. My first attempt at making an animated gif…