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A fully relativistic radial fall [CL]


Radial fall has historically played a momentous role. It is one of the most classical problems, the solutions of which represent the level of understanding of gravitation in a given epoch. 260 more words

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Partial Differential Equations with Random Noise in Inflationary Cosmology [CL]


Random noise arises in many physical problems in which the observer is not tracking the full system. A case in point is inflationary cosmology, the current paradigm for describing the very early universe, where one is often interested only in the time-dependence of a subsystem. 146 more words


On precanonical quantization of gravity [CL]


Precanonical quantization is based on the mathematical structures of the De Donder-Weyl Hamiltonization of field theories. The resulting formulation of quantum gravity describes the quantum geometry of space-time in terms of operator-valued distances and the transition amplitudes between the values of spin connection at different points of space-time, which obey the covariant precanonical analogue of the Schr\”odinger equation. 42 more words


Overcoming the Gauge Problem for the Gravitational Self-Force [CL]


The gravitational waves emitted by binary systems with extreme-mass ratios carry unique astrophysical information that can only be detected by space-based detectors like eLISA. To that end, a very accurate modelling of the system is required. 113 more words


Spectrum of Schrodinger Operator

We investigate the essential spectrum of the Schrodinger operator with potential satisfying nice restrains. Most of the materials follows I.M.S’s book Mathematical Concepts of Quantum Mechanics. 428 more words


Mathematical References

This site will focus on mathematics and mathematical physics. As such, participants should be comfortable in the areas of set theory, algebra, analysis, tensor analysis and some differential geometry no lesser than upper-division level.  41 more words


Curvature fluctuations on asymptotically de Sitter spacetimes via the semiclassical Einstein's equations [CL]


It has been proposed recently to consider in the framework of cosmology an extension of the semiclassical Einstein’s equations in which the Einstein tensor is considered as a random function. 152 more words