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An Instability of the Standard Model Creates the Anomalous Acceleration Without Dark Energy [CL]


We introduce a new asymptotic ansatz for spherical perturbations of the Standard Model of Cosmology (SM) which applies during the $p=0$ epoch, and prove that these perturbations trigger instabilities in the SM on the scale of the supernova data. 240 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics

The principle of stationary nonconservative action for classical mechanics and field theories [CL]


We further develop a recently introduced variational principle of stationary action for problems in nonconservative classical mechanics and extend it to classical field theories. The variational calculus used is consistent with an initial value formulation of physical problems and allows for time-irreversible processes, such as dissipation, to be included at the level of the action. 239 more words

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena

Standard Model at the horizon

Hawking radiation is one of the most famous effects where quantum field theory combines successfully with general relativity. Since 1975 when Stephen Hawking uncovered it, this result has obtained a enormous… 754 more words


The effect of Poynting-Robertson drag on the triangular Lagrangian points [EPA]


We investigate the stability of motion close to the Lagrangian equilibrium points L4 and L5 in the framework of the spatial, elliptic, restricted three- body problem, subject to the radial component of Poynting-Robertson drag. 156 more words

Earth And Planetary Astrophysics

Self-gravitating systems in Extended Gravity [CL]


Starting from the weak field limit, we discuss astrophysical applications of Extended Theories of Gravity where higher order curvature invariants and scalar fields are considered by generalizing the Hilbert-Einstein action linear in the Ricci curvature scalar $R$. 90 more words

Solar And Stellar Astrophysics

On the Geometric Structure of Flows I: The Referential Gradient. A Generally Covariant Measure of Flow Geometry [CL]


Assuming a-priori a smooth generating vector field, we introduce a generally covariant measure of the flow geometry called the referential gradient of the flow. The main result is the explicit relation between the referential gradient and the generating vector field, and is provided for from two equivalent perspectives: a Lagrangian specification with respect to a generalized parameter, and an Eulerian specification making explicit the evolution dynamics. 32 more words

Solar And Stellar Astrophysics

Dark Energy and Dark Matter in Stars Physic [CL]


We present the basic equations and relations for the relativistic static spherically symmetric stars (SSSS) in the model of minimal dilatonic gravity (MDG) which is {\em locally} equivalent to the f(R) theories of gravity and gives an alternative description of the effects of dark matter and dark energy. 83 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics