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Symmetries of Differential equations and Applications in Relativistic Physics [CL]


In this thesis, we study the one parameter point transformations which leave invariant the differential equations. In particular we study the Lie and the Noether point symmetries of second order differential equations. 149 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics

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if human numbers are merely names for physical quantities, and numerical relationships merely describe the physical relationships between quantities… this would explain how human mathematics is so precisely useful for describing the physical universe

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

space and quantity

the ratio between:

the physical quantity described in human notation by the symbol ‘1’ and the physical quantity described in human notation by the symbol ‘2’ 34 more words

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

What is going on at NASA?

As a physicist I have been always interested about experiments that can corroborate theoretical findings. Most of these often become important applications for everyday life or change forever the course of the history of mankind. 717 more words

Mathematical Physics

quantity and number

Humans don’t perceive quantities because we invented a number system.

Humans developed a number system from our perception of quantity.

Mathematical Universe Hypothesis

The Arthur Christmas Problem

Since it’s the season for it I’d like to point new or new-wish readers to a couple of posts I did in 2012-13, based on the Aardman Animation film… 391 more words


An Instability of the Standard Model Creates the Anomalous Acceleration Without Dark Energy [CL]


We introduce a new asymptotic ansatz for spherical perturbations of the Standard Model of Cosmology (SM) which applies during the $p=0$ epoch, and prove that these perturbations trigger instabilities in the SM on the scale of the supernova data. 240 more words

Cosmology And Nongalactic Astrophysics