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Strong shock in the uniformly expanding medium [CEA]


Propagation of the strong shock in the flat expanding Friedman universe is investigated using methods of dimension and similarity. Exact analytic solution of self-similar equations is obtained, determining dependences of the radius and velocity of the shock wave on time and radius. 104 more words

Cosmology And Extragalactic Astrophysics

Galaxies with Supermassive Binary Black Holes: (II) A Model with Cuspy Galactic Density Profiles [GA]


The existence and uniqueness of equilibrium points, including Lagrange Points and Jiang-Yeh Points, of a galactic system with supermassive binary black holes embedded in a centrally cuspy galactic halo are investigated herein. 113 more words

Galaxy Astrophysics

Symmetric Relative Equilibria in the Four-Vortex Problem with Three Equal Vorticities

>Ernesto Perez-Chavela, Manuele Santoprete, Claudia Tamayo

We examine in detail the relative equilibria of the 4-vortex problem when three vortices have equal strength, that is, Γ1=Γ2=Γ3=1, and Γ4 is a real parameter.

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Mathematical Physics

Adiabatic theorem for a class of quantum stochastic equations

Martin Fraas

We derive an adiabatic theory for a stochastic differential equation, εdX(s)=L1(s)X(s)ds+ε√L2(s)X(s)dBs, under a condition that instantaneous stationary states of L1(s) are also stationary states of L2(s).

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Mathematical Physics

Theory of orthogonality of eigenfunctions of the characteristic equations as a method of solution boundary problems for model kinetic equations

A. V. Latyshev, A. D. Kurilov

We consider two classes of linear kinetic equations: with constant collision frequency and constant mean free path of gas molecules (i.e., frequency of molecular collisions, proportional to the modulus molecular velocity).

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Mathematical Physics

Quantization as Deformation

Very early in my study of physics, Weyl became one of my gods. I use the word “god” rather than, say, “outstanding teacher” for the ways of gods are mysterious, inscrutable, and beyond the comprehension of ordinary mortals. 168 more words


A fully relativistic radial fall [CL]


Radial fall has historically played a momentous role. It is one of the most classical problems, the solutions of which represent the level of understanding of gravitation in a given epoch. 260 more words

High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena